#OOTD: Camo & Olive

I am so gutted to be missing London Fashion Week, but sometimes life doesn’t allows you to do as you please. Oh hell, there is always next season plus London Mens Collection to come… all is not lost.

I’ve been waiting for fall to come on our doorstep to be able to share this outfit with you all. Camo was something that never appealed to me, as it isn’t styled into the the sort of clothes I wear. However, whilst I was in Canada, I had to visit my favourite shop Aeropostale and I just saw these camo slim fitting jogger/chinos and I just knew they would be perfect for fall.

Fall covers some of the more chiller months of the year, so I this long sleeved white t-shirt was just perfect and brightening. It being made out of soft cotton, it adds that little bit of extra warmth before a nice thick coat.

Now to find the perfect coat? Fall and winter are full of blacks and blues. Don’t get me wrong, blue is my favourite colour and my wardrobe is pretty much 80% blue but I thought it was time to deviate from the trend and dress it with an olive coloured quilted coat that boasted some black, which perfectly matched my camo trousers.

Quilted jacket
Autumn fashion outfit
Fashion quilted jacket
Aeropostale outfit
Posing in outfit from Aeropostale
I bet you’re thinking that I would wear some sort of chelsea boot with it? Nope! Sadly, I just cannot pull off chelsea boots, my feet are too slim and dainty for that. I tend to reach out for loafers, brogues and slip ones as they tend to compliment my feet better. However, my feet are so thick skinned after wearing loafers in the most coldest of weathers so they don’t tend to feel the cost as easily, with that in mind and a part of me not ready to leave the warmer weather behind, I paired them up with these  weave loafers.
Bottom half of outfit

The tan colour also syncs in the changing colour of leaves going from lush greens to rusty brown colours. Making it the perfect autumnal outfit.

Jacket: Samuel Windsor // Tee: Aeropostale // Jogger-Chinos: Aeropostale // Shoes: Office

What are your favourite fashion trends for fall?

Until next time…