Canadian Sephora Haul

Oh Sephora, why oh why do you not exist in England? Dear dear Sephora… It’s the sad truth, but it’s probably better that way otherwise I would find my bank account empty and my beauty shelves full of new products all the time. Whilst I was in Canada, I made use of the exchange rate and the plentiful number of Sephora stores to buy some of the skincare and haircare products I have been wanting to try for ages now. Some of the products were HALF the price they go for here, so you can imagine I literally went for it. 

There was so much more I would have loved to have bought (like the whole GLAMGLOW range) but sometimes you keep to keep it small and sweet. Well… this is small haul for me anyway! 
Let’s get straight to it…
My face has been going a real rough patch and I never really ever had any hydrating and pick me up sort of masks, so that was my main mission. After using Origins Charcoal mask which I mentioned in my June Favourites, I just fell in love with how quick and efficient the masks are, not to mention they aren’t too heavy on your pocket either which allows them to be more of an weekly/bi-weekly mask. 
As you can see, my love for Origins is pretty strong. Firstly, I went for the Origins Ginzing mask after I used another product from the Ginzing range – the under eye cream and absolutely loved it. Therefore my vote was strongly secured for the Ginzing mask as a pick me up for when my skin gets tired and dull. 
I also find my skin gets terribly dry all year round but especially in the winter months, so I decided to purchase more heavy in terms of hydrating masks. I picked up the Origins Drink Up mask and it was a winner in my eyes. It is a really good mask to apply when i’m having an extra dry skin day and moisturiser just won’t do, especially as it only requires ten minutes to work so it helps when you’re in a rush. As I already had my eye on a more overnight sort of hydrating mask, I picked up another small version of the Origins Drink Up Intensive as it helped me so much prior and on to my travels to Canada. The intensive works as an overnight mask rather than your quick fix like the normal drink up. 
Now for the mask I had my eye on for a while, the GLAMGLOW ThirstyMud mask, and it was about £18 cheaper than the UK. I have heard lots of controversial views about the Glamglow range, but I put it to the test to satisfy myself. Not only does it smell amazing (coconut… yes… coconut!!) but it is a quality hydrating product with that extra added glow. You definitely get what you pay for, which is why it would be the sort of mask I would use prior to an important event.
On the note of hydration, there was just a few more products I needed to pick up ready for winter. Lip balms. Lip balms are my life, especially when you’re a severe sufferer of chapped lips in the colder months and it is a blimmin’ pain in the butt, neither is it ‘sexy’. This was definitely an impulse buy, I will admit. After using Jack Black’s face moisturiser that I adored, I saw the Jack Black’s Shea Butter lip balm… Anything with shea butter scent is a massive YES, YES, YES! It is a extremely hydrating lip balm too, which is an added bonus. 😉
Now i’m off my little shea butter high, let’s move onto the last hydrating product. I’m a guilty everyday hair washer, yep. Please save the “it’s not good for your hair” comments, because I look after it very well. However lately i’ve found it feel a little dry. Now i’m a huger believer and user of coconut oil in my hair, but there is just those times where you need that extra hydration but can’t leave the house with oily mushy hair, so this is an alternative and a nourishing one at that too. The Bumble and Bumble Quenching hair masque is quite something, it does exactly what it says on the bottle. Adding that extra hydration, offering soft and nourished hair in a matter of ten minutes. Pretty fantastic, I say! 
Living Proof has been known for producing some of the best hair products, so when I saw my favourite blogger and friend rave on about Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 styling product, I just had to pop it into the basket. Jaye from Bed In The Kitchen claims it is the only hair product you will ever need, as it does everything you could possibly want all in one go – smoothness, volume, condition, strength and polish. It keeps your hair cleaner for longer, makes it a lot stronger and gives it some substantial hold too. Aaamazing! 
My final purchase YSL Le Nuit De L’Homme was actually a repurchase, especially after my cologne re-purchaseables post, I was still completely in love with its sweet and powerful scent. I received so many compliments on the scent of it and it was long lasting too – which is a major requirement for me. When I saw Sephora offered it in a 200ml bottle, instead of the usual 60m/100ml, it was a no brainer… I just had to purchase it!
That wraps up my Sephora haul! What products have grabbed your attention or anything from the the list that you have used and loved too? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 
Until next time…