London’s Hottest New Hotel, Page8

There is a new hotel on the block. Yes, London’s saturated hotel scene introduces a new contender that is set to give all existing luxury hotels a run for their money. Welcoming the oriental hotel brand, Page Hotels, as it embarks on its journey across the pond, landing its first flagship hotel in the UK, Page8.

Page8 is situated on the edge of the main hustle and bustle of the city. Its idyllic location means you’re a stones throw away from the hottest parts of the city, with Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus on your doorstep. For those that are coming into the capital for a good time can feel right at home being so close to comfort.

First Impressions

The hotel itself posses a great sense of elegance, especially as it presents itself as a boutique hotel. A true hidden gem within the city that could often be overlooked by itself ability to blend into its surroundings. Stepping into the hotel, I was greeted by a sense of homeliness – I’d like to think it stems from its Chinese origins, where making guests feel like a part of the extended family is a part of their culture and tradition. The hotel is filled with classic colours keeping it cosy, with a modern twist. Even when checking-in, I was welcomed with open arms and instantly offered a complimentary drink of choice, but luckily I had only travelled across London. I’m sure those travelling from far and wide would appreciate the thoughtful and generous gesture.


Page8 Hotel Room

Stepping into my twin room, I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer size of the room, especially for a hotel based in the city. If I were to compare it, it would resemble the size of a small central London flat. The facades of the room were decorated in a beautiful nautical combination of dazzling powder white, with accents of cobalt throughout. The beds themselves were plush, with a beautiful view of the city directly from the beds themselves.

Marshall Speaker in room

Directly next to each bed there was a table setting with complimentary water bottles, an array of lighting options, but most importantly a Marshall speaker. For those that know me well know how important music playback capabilities are to me in a hotel room. I was able to quickly connect my Spotify via my iPhone directly to the Marshall and in seconds I had a popping beat running through my room with adjustable levels of bass and treble. Utter bliss.

Wine in room

The room was fitted with a wall mounted flatscreen television directly opposite the beds providing the perfect location to watch a spot of pre-bedtime television too. As you move through the spacious room, you come across the an extensive wardrobe fitted with all the electronic amenities you may require, most importantly a hairdryer and in-wardrobe lighting that makes unpacking clothes that little bit more easier.

In most hotel rooms, there is a lack of full length mirrors, which is exceptionally important for the modern traveller who requires a clear reflection for a quick outfit check, or if the bathroom is occupied to complete necessary skincare routines. However, Page8 not only had a full length mirror, but one so wide that three people could stand side by side and fit perfectly within the reflection. Bravo, Page8. A leaf other London hotels could take from Page8.

Page8 Bathroom, London Amenities Page8 Marble Bathroom

Moving through into the bathroom, I was greeted with marble haven with gold accents giving it a truly elegant finish. The amenities were second to none, with a “care package” filled with toothbrushes, tooth paste, cotton buds, shower caps and so much more. Page8 had me ticking boxes throughout when I was looking through its offering. As someone who is well travelled and has stayed in an array of hotels across the world, I’ve never seen a hotel to provide the necessities without asking for them, especially the way Page8 voluntarily did.

Page8 Amenities

If that’s not enough, the mini bar in each room is completely, and utterly complimentary, alcohol included. It doesn’t get any better if you ask me. Page8 brings various fresh aspects to their hotel rooms that us millennials have been repeatedly asking for and I finally feel heard.

Wining & Dining at Page8

Coffee from Page Common Breakfast from Page Common

In the morning I got to experience a taste of Page8’s morning delights. With their very own artisanal in-house coffeehouse, Page Common, serving up an array of fantastic coffee blends sourced directly from Brazil, Uganda, El Salvador, and Ethiopia. Paired with their selection of fresh pastries and other fresh breakfast delights such as poached eggs on sourdough toast, figs and cheese on toast, avocado on toast, fruit and granola, and so many more options.

However, it doesn’t end there. Page8 will soon be introducing its very own top restaurant, which covers the whole top floor with a elegant wrap around alfresco rooftop bar with 360 degree views of London’s gorgeous skyline — definitely a bar you will find me at this summer.

Overall Experience at Page8

Overall, I had a faultless experience at Page8. The room itself exceeded my expectations, the breakfast offering was on point, the decor was elegant and to taste, and all the staff welcomed us with open arms. If you’re travelling to London or Londoners, if you’re looking for a hotel to stay at within the city for a weekend of fun, look no further. Page8 is where it’s at!

Until next time…

My stay at Page8 was complimentary.