Why Canada Ranks As My Favourite Country

Travel has always had the ability to transform. A new journey provides sights, personal interactions and the chance to experience a whole new way of life, thousands of miles away from home. Bringing every aspect together can have an amplified effect, and in itself can be life changing. I am living proof of how travelling has impacted my life majorly. I feel more at one with the world when I travel. I take the time to appreciate the little beauties of the world, from gorgeous architecture to the different cultures of the world. It makes me want to learn another language every time I travel too. I feel more connected to the present than what was in the past or what is to come in the future. It teaches me to have a better sense of my surroundings, a key attention to the little details and never stop looking up. And, my true love for transformational travel developed from my initial trip to Canada, the land of the happiest people. But, even to this day, Canada remains as my favourite country in the world, and for a number of reasons too.

It has some of the most spectacular cities

In my opinion, Canada is one of the most diverse and modern countries, but still posses a vast amount of culture and and radiates its own distinct personality. You will hear about a few popular destinations such as Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto, as they all resonate to travellers for their mountainous landscapes, maritime culture, indigenous people, and European routes.

Vancouver Island, Canada

Vancouver, British Colombia, remains my favourite city in Canada. There is something about the island style of living that makes everything feel that little bit more exotic. Combined with a plentiful number of creeks that passes a fresh water air breeze across the city. It’s also situated right next to a mountain range, which has given me some of the most spectacular views over the years. Its warm, moderate climate makes it the perfect Canadian destination to visit all year round.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, Ontario, is a part of Canada that speaks for itself. It is a wonder of the world that will never fail to take my breath away. I waited many years before I finally embarked on a trip to the falls, and it completely blew my mind. If you get the chance, seeing the falls during the night is a magical experience too, as the falls glow and often enough there is a firework display over the falls too.

Toronto for me is the Canadian version of London. Fast paced, filled with buzzing coffee shops, attractions to see the city at height and always something to do for visitors. It’s a multi-cultured city, with an array of great places to shop, dine, and wine too.

Church in Montreal

Montreal offers something a little different. With European heritage, French is the main language spoken in the city, but you can be sure that everyone can speak the second native language quite easily. It’s a city filled with museums, culture, and a true homely feel. The old part of the city was a real highlight when I visited Montreal, and I think it’s great to see the original roots of the city still being shown off to those visiting from far and wide.

Diversity is celebrated in Canada

Pride in Canada

From the first time I visited Canada, I noticed quite remarkably that diversity isn’t only accepted in Canada, but it is celebrated. People have come from ends of the earth to make Canada home, and for good reason too. No matter what colour you are, what gender you identify yourself as or what sexuality you are, you’re always welcomed with open arms. In Vancouver, there is a gay district, Davie Village which proudly represents the LBGTQ society, and celebrates the Pride festival year on year.

Also, the Canadian government implemented a special day back in 2002, that every year, 27th June is known to be Canadian Multiculturalism Day, which for me speaks volumes and truly amplifies Canada’s support of diversity thorough out the country. On that day, there is arrangement of activities and celebrations that occur through each of the ten Canadian provinces.

Canada one of the most affordable countries

I stand by the fact that Canada gives you value for money, and in a sense translates to true affordability. You can stay at luxury hotels from £100 per night, which is often unheard of in other countries, and dine at high-end fine-dining restaurants or half the price in other major cities. When I went on my last visit, I explored a new city and a city I had already visited before, when comparing the prices to London, I was shocked at the price difference.

I often refrain from making beauty or designer purchases in England, and create a shopping list before visiting Canada. I often find I find the exact same products for two thirds of the price, even after conversion and no tax return either.

There is always something to do in every season

Toronto's Ice-Skating Rink

As someone who likes to participate in new and innovative things when travelling, Canada is the perfect place for travellers like me. There is always something to do, no matter what season it is. From festivals, to music shows and outdoor activities. When I was in Toronto last, there was a different kind of festival taking part in different parts of the city on a daily basis, from wine tasting events to outdoor ice-skating and light festivals. And, most of it was either free or had an entry fee of less than 10 Canadian Dollars.

If you’re visiting Canada during any of these monumental festivals through the year, I certainly recommend going to check them out: Quebec’s Winter Carnival, Ottawa Tulip Festival, the Calgary Stampede, Toronto Cavalcade of Light, Edmonton Folk Music Festival or Vancouver’s Celebration of Light.

What’s your favourite thing about Canada?

Until next time…