What Makes Canada The Perfect 2020 Destination?

When I think about Canada, my mind fills with a cluster of wonderful aspects of the country. Cosmopolitan cities, undiscovered wonders of the world, a undoubtably extensive food scene, admirable wildlife and true to season weather. In my eyes, Canada has so much to offer. You can find yourself relaxing beach day one day, hiking up a mountain the next, on bar crawl that evening and then preparing for a few days of extreme sports. The saying often goes “The world is your oyster”, but I prefer my version, “Canada is your oyster”. Anything is possible.

If I had to share my run down of what makes Canada the perfect destination, it would be the following, but I would also love to hear your thoughts too, fellow travellers.

Flights Routes & Road-trips Within Canada

The first thing that makes Canada the perfect place to add to 2020 travel plans is its fantastic flight routes. With Canada’s own airline and my firm favourite, Air Canada and low cost scheduled airlines such as WestJet having a vast number of travel routes from various parts of the world at affordable prices, you simply cannot say no. I have flown to Canada with Air Canada for as little as £350 for a 9-hour flight to Vancouver or a mere 7-hour flight to Toronto. And, best of all, I have been looked after so well on every flight. With an array of entertainment, and regular refreshments, I often don’t even realise when I have touched down in Canada.

When visiting, I often make the most of my time there. If I have a short trip planned, I use the well suited array of internal flights to cover more ground. I have flown from Vancouver to Toronto numerous times, and it takes a few hours. Plus, it is about a third of the international price too. So, you don’t have to budget a lot of money to see more of Canada in a shorter timescale.
If I have more time, I prefer to see Canada the old-fashioned way, by car. Canada’s landscapes are second to none, which makes the trip so joyous in itself. One of my last road trips was with my family, and we started in Vancouver, British Columbia and worked our way and to Kamloops, Invermere, Banff, and Calgary in Alberta before visiting Winnipeg in Manitoba. With the long stretch highways and automatic cars, it’s a breeze to drive from city to city.

The True Four Seasons

Canada's beautiful four seasons

My favourite part about Canada is the climate, always providing true-to-season weather on every visit. During the winter months, I have found myself throwing on ski jackets, thermals and wading through heaps of snow, but that’s what makes it fun. Having snowball fights in the middle of the street, and exploring the city with a beautiful white powdered glow. The snowy season is perfect to have a ski holiday too, with many stunning mountains gracing the lands of Canada, there is always a ski slope within a commutable distance. But, Whistler still remains as one of my favourite ski destinations.

When I visit the summer, temperatures always rocket sky high. The balmy temperatures make hikes and beach days that little more blissful, which explains how I always come back ten shades darker. If I had to recommend a few things to do outdoors in the warmer months, it would take a day trip to Buntzen Lake which is situated around the outskirts of Vancouver, or even spend the day basking in the sun on Kitsilano Beach.

The Idyllic Lifestyle

I’ve always admired the perfect mix Canada has to offer. It takes a snippet of my British way of living, and morphs together with the American lifestyle I have always aspired to live, creating the perfect lovechild. Like the brits, Canadians are very much into their fitness, fashion, and are dining fanatics too. Mixed with the American way of schooling, public holidays, extensive number of sports, the best clothing and interior stores, and love a larger, luxurious way of living, which guarantees serenity with a healthy helping of fresh air.

The Unbelievable Sights

Canada's unbelievable sights

I’ve been to Canada a number of times, and no matter how many times I see the same views or attractions, I can never contain my excitement. Especially when visiting the Niagara Falls, or stopping off at my favourite viewpoint from the Lion’s Gate Bridge in Stanley Park. I can honestly say I haven’t visited anywhere in the world that gives you the most picturesque views day in, day out. What other country gives you all the best of mother nature in some space? I can sunbathing on a beach, look up to left and see mountains or look right and spot forestry. It’s a truly unique country, which can take your travels in any direction you like, as Canada has it all, in abundance too.

The Warmest Citizens

The Canadians will go out of their way to help you, or make you feel welcome. I was waiting outside a pharmacy in Toronto last year, waiting for my Uber to arrive, and a lady asked me if I was lost or needed directions. Coming from London where nobody would approach you in such a way, I was taken back my her kindness. Even when walking down the street in the morning of evenings, I have been greeted by several people, “Good morning, sir!”, “Good evening!”, it’s so common and normal for them.

Canadians are also very trusting of one another. Like for my cousins wedding, their neighbours evacuated their house in order to help accommodate our family, at their own will, while others got up at early hours of the morning to do airport runs. Kindness goes a long way in Canada.

The Ultimate Dining Scene

Canada's true fine dining

Every time I go back to Canada, I find the food scene expanding at an exponential rate. From new, Instagrammable places to have brunch, right through to independent coffee shops, speakeasy bars, and fine-dining restaurants. I was simply spoilt for choice on my last visit, I had to start research on where to eat in Toronto and Montreal weeks before I set to dine. A couple of firm favourites in Toronto were La Palma, which is the lovechild of an Italian cafe and a Beverley Hills hideout, serving up some gourmet dishes and Canoe Restaurant, a perfect spot for fine dining, which provides panoramic city views from height, with a delectable selection of dishes to choose from.

Are you planning on travelling to Canada this year?

Until next time…

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