London Bloggers Picnic

I have always taught myself to have a dream. No dream is too big or too small, just work hard and try and achieve it. Once you tried and realised it is not realistic, then at least you tried.
Once I started blogging, I was one of those people that was desperate to get invites to events and one day, host my own event. I found myself disheartened by my lack of a readership but could never understand why I was never good enough for companies or PR. Could it have been the fact that post of my posts got less than ten views or were people just not interested in what I had to say? Failure is what pushes people to work harder, I am definitely one of those people. I thrive of envy, jealously and a dream. 
It took two years to start making a name for myself in the blogosphere for people to recognise my blog and I as something special. Dreams remained dormant, until the time came to relight the flame and make it a reality. 
The beginning of April, in the spur of the moment whilst procrastinating instead of revising I sent out an email to a few bloggers, testing the waters about a blogger meet up. Who knew it would be the start of something special, a chance to tick off another dream! Thus, the London Bloggers Picnic (#LDNBloggersPicnic) was born. 
I had just over a month to organise everything, from start to finish with five university exams and a tonne of revision in between. How was this going to be possible?! It was possible… I just needed to believe I could do it and stop underestimating myself. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.
If you know me personally, you know I don’t do things in halves… I do them in wholes. If this meet-up was going to take place, it was going to take place in Aftab style. 
Everyone was given the task of bringing one or two food items of their choice, either handmade or shop bought and I left myself in charge of everything else. 
I had myself set up for some cheesecake tasting from connoisseur Moreish Cheesecake, in order to pick some smashing flavours for the big day. Proper New York style cheesecake made to perfection with lots of love.

Some personalised cupcakes were made by Sheepa (@SheepaMiah), that signified the day with little flags and text reading #LDNBloggersPicnic.
I also organised some prizes, so that all the attendees got a chance to win the following prizes £100 Chotto Matte voucher, a Zomato voucher for MASH and two afternoon tea experiences at The Langham Hotel and St. Ermins Hotel. Also, I managed to organise some goodie bags with Newby Teas and Bonne Maman jams in, for all the attendees to enjoy the following morning for breakfast. 
Everything set and ready, it was time for the big day! Bloggers take over Green Park a proper picnic in style. 

The event couldn’t have gone any better! I was finally able to put my hosting skills into play and show off what I was capable of putting together. Lots of bloggers who had been interacting over social media finally got the chance to meet face to face. Blog chat was exchanged between various people, with others gasping at the lovely creations that had been brought to the picnic. Mellow music, popping champagne bottles and a very happy set of thirty bloggers under the London sun. SUCCESS. 
I am so grateful to everyone who made the time to attend and contributed to make it such a fun event, allowing my dream to become a reality. 

Until next time…