Life In My Shoes #1

Trying to catch up on all things blog related has proven a little difficult these past few weeks, so I apologise for not keeping you all in the loop. However, it is time to rectify that and update you all on what I have been up to lately.
Firstly, i’m back in Bournemouth! Summer holidays mean getting a chance to run home and enjoy some sun and fun with my family, friends and horses. I won’t pretend like I don’t miss London, because I really do, nothing can compare to the big smoke, however I am taking the time to recuperate after a long and hectic semester in the quiet countryside is proving beneficial. 
I have a summer job! Hooooooray. My first ever proper job working as a waiter. That is where most where most of my time has been spent lately, but I am thoroughly enjoying it. Nothing like making some hard earned money all by myself and then choosing where to spend it or to save it for those rainy days. 
I have been spending some well earned time with my four legged friends. I’m back in the saddle again and happily enjoying time aboard my favourites for the rest of summer. Another special four legged friend has come back into my care again. I’m sure you all remember Blue? Long story short…He is back! The happy tears haven’t stopped since he arrived 48 hours ago. I just cannot contain myself. However, he isn’t here to stay… head over heart, doing what is best for him again as much as my heart is trying to overpower my thoughts and prevent him from leaving me again. 
Catching up with old friends over dinner, dessert and cocktails. In that order exactly, makes for a perfect evening to catch up on the past few month. Especially after being separated with my ‘cocktail and cupcake’ London lifestyle, I had to adjust and morph it into my home life.
Good news! After a stressful month of exams and revision, my exam results have been released and I am very pleased to say the least. Hard work pays off, let’s just hope it all continues to look bright for my final year. Scary to think that a year from now, I will hopefully be graduating with a BSc Biochemistry degree.
Things have been pretty sedate in comparison to the last few months but sometimes you just need to wind down, step back and think about what really matters in life. I rarely get thinking time in London (maybe that is a good thing, because it gets a bit dangerous when I start to think!) but everyone needs a period of reflection and I cannot think of a better place to do it. Fresh air, golden sand beach and being surrounded by loved ones. Perfect.
Until next time… Keep smiling