Arbonne Skincare

As a skincare fanatic, I was approached by much dear friends Charlotte and Michelle whom are Arbonne Consultants. I took a step back and thought Arbonne, this name definitely rings a bell… that is because I remember it being launched in Harrods Urban Retreat Spa. An exclusive opportunity for me to try some high end products that are not sold in high street stores. 
What I like about Arbonne products is that they are everything you would want and expect from a good skincare brand. They are not tested on animals, they are gluten free therefore making it useable for those with a gluten allergy and all of the ingredients are pure, botanical which is a definite win for me.
The Sea Salt Scrub was a favourite of mine. Having tried many body scrubs in the past, enough of them do not lather up and give you the proper foam without having to use at least half of the bottle. However, this scrub is so concentrated that only a small amount is required for it to have the full effect, including a substantial foam too. Slowly exfoliating, removing the dead skin cells and making the skin feel baby soft again. I would definitely say it is a Sunday product, after a long week, a pampering Sunday shower, ready to get into some fresh nightwear and clean bedsheets. 
I have never been much of a fan of cleanser, unless it is cream based as I find cleansers tend to remove all the moisture from your skin and leave it feeling tight therefore I was a bit skeptical to try the Calm Cleanser, however the perfume free product was a rather fantastic. A gel like substance that I just pumped out into the palm of my hand and applied directly onto my damp face. Quickly lathering up, it was a matter of seconds before my whole face was covered in a bubbly residue. A splash of warm water left my face feeling refreshed – just what you need at the end of the day. I was genuinely shocked to find that it did not leave me frantically searching for some moisturiser because I felt like somebody was trying to tug at my skin. However, everyone knows (or should know) that it is a must to follow up with moisturiser, so in this case I used the Calm Moisturiser from the same range as the cleanser. It provided a hydrating yet light feel on the face, without any stickiness which also impressed me.
Overall, I am newly converted fan of Arbonne products and I am glad Charlotte and Michelle introduced me to them. 
Until next time…