Lauren Visits London – Day 1 & 2

Lauren and I became friends many years ago over Twitter, back when it was acceptable to make friends without people getting the wrong idea. We had a lot in common prior to speaking properly, which is probably what encouraged our friendship to blossom. It is not easy to get to know somebody over the internet as you would in person but I think we did a pretty good job of it! 3 years later, we decided it is finally time to meet up and make our friendship a bit more personal – off to London she came!
Lauren arrived late afternoon on Tuesday, after a long four hour coach ride from Manchester she was pretty tired to say the least, so we decided to make it a bit more chilled. I had to take her to Tinsel Town, nobody can come and visit me and leave without going there so we mooched on over for dinner there.
Nothing like a good chargrilled chicken burger with some chips and peri-peri dip. My mouth is watering now, just writing about it!
Prior to dinner, I finished off an episode of Pretty Little Liars which I had only just started. It amazingly grabbed Lauren in and I gave her a little insight of how it all started and explained the story line so far. Which turned into a chilled night in watching the following episodes with some popcorn and wine. (Yes, wine in plastic glasses – proper student style!)
Getting an early night was important, as we had a lot of touring to catch up with and some new sights to see, so not long after we ‘hit the hay’.
Wednesday morning approached extremely quickly, which meant an early rise, quick shower and a run over to Starbucks for breakfast before starting our sight seeing journey around London.
First stop was London Bridge and the Embankment walk…

Never did I think I would see Lauren being a tourist, but a tourist she became. Okay, well maybe I did make her stand by the landmarks for some photos but the iPhone photo capturing was all on her…
We then progressed onto the London Eye, Westminster Abbey and Big Ben…

These photos make me chuckle to myself. I quote Lauren saying “The pigeons here are so brave!”
We then made a quick trip to Buckingham Palace before going to see Wicked the musical, which was phenomenal! Worth a watch. Once again, magic was worked and we got cheap tickets right near the front of the stage. I could get used to this!

Post Wicked, we went for a nice little dinner at Strada in Waterloo before heading onto the London Eye for a London sky view experience.

And that was the end to a very event filled Wednesday… a rest was definitely needed after that! 
Thanks for reading,