Lauren Visits London – Day 3 & 4

We slowly move onto Thursday, which means Lauren has already stayed for half the time already, which means she leaves soon! Sad face… Nonetheless, we made the most of what time we had left!
On Thursday, Lauren and I departed and went to the Embankment and visited the London Dungeons, something I had wanted to do a while and wanted to tick it off my list of things. All in all, it is really educational which was lovely, it is more creepy than scary but I did have those moments where I jumped. The staff are really well trained into their roles which makes the experience even better! The two rides that are provided are quite exhilarating especially being pulled back in your river boat at a fast speed and being dropped 10 metres. I am actually getting butterflies as I am writing this! I’m not really a roller coaster or rides person, but I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and agreed with Lauren to try it out. 

After the Dungeons, we went back home as by that time it was late afternoon, so we decided to have a rest before heading over to the Shard and the Ice Bar in the evening.
Sadly, the photos had to be taken on my iPhone as I left my camera at home – silly blogger! The Shard was a wonderful experience. I would recommend anyone to go, even if you have been on the London Eye. You get a better ariel view and it is much better to book a time where the sun is setting or has set so you can see London with all the lights on – it is beautiful! 
The Ice Bar was another brilliant experience, something that everyone should do. (Providing you are over 18!) you get to go in a bar that is made up of ice, everything except the floor for obvious reasons, you get given a cloak and gloves to keep you warm. We both loved it, especially as you got a complimentary drink thrown into the price too! As you can see, the glasses are also made out of ice for a proper icey experience! 
Thursday came to an end, with another binge of Pretty Little Liars before bed as we had to be ready for Lauren’s final day in London! 
Friday approached quickly, as we were up at the crack of dawn ready to leave for the Tower of London. 

After the finished at the Tower of London, we decided to end things a little sweetly with tea at Harrods which was delicious, everyone loves a bit of fine dining and some little souvenir shopping too.  

The time came for Lauren to catch her coach back to Manchester, but I definitely saw her off with very sore feet and bunch of memories that will be with us both for life. I am very fortunate to have found such a good friend via Twitter and lets hope our friendship continues to blossom.
Thanks for reading,