Jump Start Your Day With Rituals Skincare

Mondays are never the easiest to start, especially after you have had a fantastic, fun filled weekend or spent most of it drinking with ridiculous hangovers. The thought of having to start your week is never enjoyable.

Rituals Products

Rituals Skincare clearly understood this feeling and have covered this to a to a tee with their products. Giving your body that bit of extra tender loving care and a bit of a treat. A way of saying sorry about the weekend. Nothing says it like a luxurious, moisturising, energising and great smelling products.

So, this is exactly how I started my Monday this week and i’m going to share my glorious experience with you all. (Basically, I am already in love with Rituals!)

Rituals ProductsI started off using the Samurai Shower product, a beautiful long sleek pressured bottle with a easy press top. Out came a clear gel, when rubbed between your hands it became a luxurious moose that allowed easy application. The wash itself is refreshing and moisturising. Bursting with fresh smells of bamboo and cedar wood.

Rituals ProductsHowever, as far as most washes, it is not moisturising enough for the whole day. Therefore I followed up with the Samurai hydrating body moisturiser. A quick pump and apply method, no squeeze bottles involved (win!). The cream itself is thick and fast absorbing without any stickiness, allowing skin fast and sufficient hydration.

Rituals ProductsThe body isn’t the only thing that needs to be moisturised. My face always needs a good amount of moisturiser in the morning before it feels soft and supple. Stretched out, dry skin isn’t a comfortable feeling at all. Rituals had the right idea about incorporating Sencha (also known as Japanese Green Tea) into the mix to provide the energising quality of this moisturiser, perfect for those early mornings.
Rituals ProductsFeeling fresh and hydrated. Nothing finishes off a morning routine, before leaving the house without a few sprays of some sweet musky cologne. I am totally in love with Rituals’ Eau Du Kashmir. I’m not normally a fan of musky scents, but this cologne follows up with a beautiful sweetness afterwards that makes it so loveable.

Samurai Shower: £8.50 | Samurai Moisturiser: £12.50 | Samurai Energise Balm: £25.50 | Eau Du Kashmir: £39.00 | All can be bought from the Rituals website.
Until next time…
All these products were gifted to me from RITUALS.