Instagram Restaurant Round-Up

Exploring the restaurant scene in London is something that has become second nature to me now. I often wonder how many times I actually cook or eat at home… I dare to actually calculate! Most of the times I go out, I don’t tend to take my camera out with me or if I do there are simply not enough dishes to warrant a full blog post.

So i’ve decided to do a monthly round up, that just sums up all the places I have been that month without my camera but have snapped it for Instagram followed by a brief summary. Sound good? Well let’s get going then.

1. The Grain Store

Organic vegetable ravioli in tomato consomé with herbs oil.

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The grain store is a lovely spot in Kings Cross, that offers a more sustainable menu. The idea of eating more vegetables and less meat is a step towards achieving that. I went to The Grain Store for a blog event and was intrigued as to what would be served. There was a lot of vegetables in most of the dishes, however there was one dish made of venison paired with cherries and pickled red vegetables. The dish I really enjoyed was the vegetable ravioli pictured above. It was just outstandingly flavourful and I would go back just to have that dish!

2. Social Wine & Tapas

Post lunch dessert with @poshbrokebored and @luxlifeblog.

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I met up with Catherine and Jasimmine for lunch at Social Wine and Tapas. I had been before, but only for dessert and a glass of wine after an event. This time I got to try the tapas that Catherine raved on about. It being a Jason Atherton restaurant, I knew it was going be a good lunch, but it definitely surpassed my expectations. Jas and I ordered off the lunch menu which was an incredible deal of 4 different tapas plates only £16! The Piquillo pepper croquets and the lamb neck are definitely a must try, they were both so delicious. Not forgetting the clotted cream soft serve with a helping of strawberry sauce on the side. Ahhhh, so creamy! It’s a great spot for a light lunch with your girls.

3. Rosa’s Thai Cafe

Lush thai dinner with @thegirlnextshore and @french_gourmet

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Rosa’s is a favourite amongst many for the delicious Thai food they serve. I’m a huge Thai fan, but I was yet to try Rosa’s. It wasn’t until after the London Bloggers Picnic that I re-hosted this year, that I got the chance to see what it was all about. It has a very chilled atmosphere which I loved with great service and really fresh tasting food. They do the meanest chicken wings, a top notch spicy Thai red curry and a refreshing papaya salad. I was a bit sceptical about the salad, as I only ever had papaya as a dessert – but it was SO good!

4. Honest Burgers

Those rosemary salt chips though.

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Would you believe me if I said the burgers were honestly good? The menu may be small, but they excel in what they serve making it one of the best burgers you may eat in London (I know, big words!). However if you’re vegetarian, there is only one vege burger option on the menu, so if more than one of you are vegetarian I would look else where. However, they do gluten-free buns so it is a huge win for coeliac suffers. Have I not mentioned the rosemary salt chips yet? They were my favourite part of Honest Burgers. I never knew chips could become so flavourful from basic seasoning.

5. Kouzu

This dessert though! Such a lovely evening with @angiesilverspoon & Charles.

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I tried Kouzu on an impromptu night out with Angie from SilverSpoon London and her husband, Mr. S. However, they were no strangers to the place and promised the food was good. When Angie tells you it’s good, you know it’s going to be without a shadow of a doubt. I put all faith in her and off we went. I have to say, the food at this Japanese restaurant was out of this world. They sure know how to cook up a storm without losing compromising on quality. The raw dishes went down a treat for the Silver’s but I was waiting to get my teeth around the lamb chops and wagyu beef – which was grand! I have never had such well marinated, spicy and flavoursome chops (not even from my mum!) Between us we shared the exotic fruit salad and the chocolate dome, but we all know what made the cut to Instagram. 😉 A serious must try!

6. Blacklock

Trio date night at my favourite dinner spot in Soho. 🍹

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I’ve been to Blacklock more times then I care to mention, but let’s just say I know the menu inside out. Whenever my friends are feeling in the mood for meat, Blacklock is always an option. From tender chops to more traditional roasts, it is a meat eaters dream. The concoctions that went down with the meat aren’t half bad either, but i’m definitely more of a wine drinker when it comes to red meat. Pop down any day other than Monday, as I know many of us bloggers do #MeatlessMondays.

7. Farm Girl

Catch up with @akboogie after ages!

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Farm Girl is a little cafe that I popped to in Notting Hill to have a catch up with Alexandra. If you haven’t been over to Alexandra’s Instagram, you probably should as she is doing a project with the hashtag #365LDNCafes, I think that says it all. Farm Girl is tucked away so it isn’t something you would spot whilst wandering around. However, it is a good find if you’re vegan or are a coeliac. They offer some unique treats like lavender and rose lattes, not to mention their poached eggs on sour dough comes with 3 eggs instead of the usual 2 – win! However, the service could be a better. It was a bit slow and not very consistent.

8. Aubaine

Reunion with my blondie, @aliciayvette01 after 5 years apart. Feels like old times! 🐔

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Aubaine has been on my list of restaurants to try.  When I was having a reunion with a good friend back from home, having not seen her in 5 years and her favourite cuisine being French, I had to take her to Aubaine. We went to the Heddon street restaurant that had nice al fresco dining, so we took advantage of the lovely warm evening and sat outside. The food that is served at Aubaine is amazing, lots of choice and it all tastes really fresh especially the chicken paillard. Although again, the service wasn’t that great and we had to wait rather long for our food to come. I even waited 30 minutes after asking for water, before I was brought some over. Shame, but let’s just hope they were having an off day.

That’s it for this month. Not as many, because I was at home for half of it but nonetheless there are some real gems here.

Until next time…