Top 10 London Bars Through Instagram

Following my latest monthly series of doing a monthly Instagram restaurant round up, it only felt right to do one of my favourite London bars. After all, I don’t normally cover bars and cocktails on my blog per se (unless within a restaurant review) so I have rounded up my favourite spots for a good drink through my Instagram.

1. Dry Martini, Melia White House

About last night… 🍸😏

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Dry Martini is within 4* hotel, the Melia White House is just around the corner from Regents Park station. It is somewhere that it is generally overlooked, because it’s tucked away but it is a real gem to those that know where it is. A luxe bar serving some of the best gin cocktails by amazingly talented bartenders, with a quiet atmosphere. Not forgetting their quirky way of serving bar snacks (we were served satay chicken in a old fashioned birds cage, so cool!)

2. Love Die Late

Quick tipple at an old favourite before seeing @smile_uk for dinner at @picture_restaurants. 🍾 HAPPY FRIDAY!

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Love Die Late is located just down Great Portland Street, a short walk from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Circus. LDL was my daily coffee stop as it was just around the corner from my university, but it also turns into the hottest bar in the area by night! Bet you didn’t know that, but now you do. They serve a range of cocktails from the classics to their house crafted cocktails, or if you’re simply just a wine/champagne drinker, they can do that too!

3. Min Jiang, Royal Garden Hotel

If you’re the sort of person that likes to have a drink with an exceptionally beautiful view, then Min Jiang is for you. 10 floors high within the Royal Garden Hotel is the bar area to the Chinese restaurant. Serving up the most delicious concoctions, with a array of bar snacks you can’t really go wrong.

4. The Goring Hotel

Drinks with my favourite couple at The Goring.

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I’m sure many of you have heard of or even read The Secret Garden? Lots of magical things happen there. The 5* Goring Hotel has their own little secret garden – another hidden gem that not many people know about. Enjoy your favourite tipple in the warm London heat, out in garden as the sun sets above. Sound romantic? It is…

5. The Arch London

I only drink champagne on two occasions, when i’m in love & when i’m not. – Coco Chanel

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The Arch London is another of my Marylebone favourites, down towards the Marble Arch end of Oxford Street. A beautiful 5* hotel that is tucked away. Within Arch London, next to the bar is the champagne room that takes you to a sense of privacy and true luxury. Around each of the booths are a privacy curtain, so it is the perfect way to catch up over a loved one or gather your favourites and raise a toast in a laid back atmosphere.

6. Freedom Bar

Martini’s all round! 🍸

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Freedom Bar is in the heart of Soho. They serve the best Pornstar Martini’s, not forgetting the exceptional waiter service provided and completely chic suspender uniform that all the bartenders wear. Hand your coat and back to the cloakroom staff, sit down in a soft comfy booth and enjoy a good drink. Freedom is open until late every night, so there is no need to worry about going anywhere else. There is also a club downstairs that opens Friday’s and Saturday’s if that’s more your thing, but it’s all kept very sophisticated and classy, which I love.

7. The Polo Bar, Westbury Hotel

Adult and baby martini’s at The Westbury Hotel. 🍸

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The Westbury Hotel’s resident bar, the Polo Bar is an excellent spot for a post work drink. It’s so casual yet elegant, which speaks for itself being in the centre of Mayfair. They serve the best martini’s, especially as they all come with a baby version of each, so it is perfect if you and your friends are always wanting to try each others drinks. A must visit!

8. The Landmark London

Lychee martini & strawberry daiquiri. 🍸

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The Landmark certainly doesn’t need an introduction, it speaks for itself. Without a shadow of a doubt, it is one of my favourite spots to have a peaceful drink. I went with Emma after a late lunch with few bloggers at the Ivy and it was just the perfect spot to wind down and have a good catch up.

9. Vista Rooftop Bar

Blogger friends + drinks with a view. 🍹 #LoveLondon

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If rooftop bars are more your thing, I loved Vista rooftop bar. The service is amazing, the drinks are delicious and the views are to die for. It’s not awfully big, so it can get full pretty quickly but it’s definitely worth a visit if you are in the Charing Cross area.

10. The Artesian Bar, Langham London

Chameleon Crystals cocktail 🔮🍸

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Most cocktail bars serve drinks in the most classic way, which is nice but when you see the way the Artesian Bar at the Langham Hotel serve their cocktails, you will appreciate the extra effort made. This is why I love it there. I took my best friend there for a drink and she literally couldn’t believe her eyes, she was positively impressed. The Langham strikes again! 😉

This should give fellow Londoners and tourists a few extra bars to add to their radar. Enjoy!

Until next time…