Horses and University

I thought I would write a little something for all the teenagers that are soon to be heading off to university and still have your horses. You are probably weighing out the pro’s and con’s of taking your beloved best friend to university with you too. I know how it feels, it is an emotional process, I have been there and done that – not something you want to have to do but it has got to be done. 

Firstly let’s start off with the positive things about taking your horse to uni with you. You will get to improve your riding, progress and bond with your horse, it will make you feel less homesick, you will feel like you have a reason to keep going to uni or to get a part time job – to pay for him/her? 

That is all well and good, now lets move onto the con’s and further considerations. Where are you moving to for starters? I moved to London, where the closest decent livery yard with 24hr turnout is 40 minutes from my halls, so you have to consider travel costs and time there and back. Will you be able to afford it? Being honest, most of you will struggle to keep your fridge full and manage enough to go out too, let alone having livery costs to pay for – but then again if you have parents that are willing to help you out that again is a different matter. Time? You will not know how much time you will spend in university in the form of lectures, seminars, tutorials, labs or whatever it may be until you start. I found that I did have a few days off a week, but on the days that I had to go in, I was leaving university after 5pm. If I were to then travel 40 minutes, do my yard chores and return I would be reaching home just after 8:30pm – does that suit you? Finally, is it fair on your horse? Are you going to be able to give the time he/she deserves in care, schooling, and affection or would he/she be better off at home or in the care of somebody else?

It is a tough decision to make, so please think long and hard before committing to anything. I too wish my boy was here with me in London sometimes, but I know he is well looking after by my friends and yard owner at home, giving him the time and love that I could only dream I could whilst being at uni. The perks of it is that when I am home, it is more special and trust me it is so worth it! If you are worried about your horse forgetting you, there is no way that is possible – I still get greeted with a massive whiney when I come home after three months. Their love is unconditional. 

Here is a little picture of my boy Blue, more information can be found on him by clicking my ‘Equine’ label on my blog.

He is a little grubby, this is the result of him living out for two days… Such a diva!

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