High End Skincare Favourites

As a fellow shopaholic, I tend to live shop by a quote, “You get what you pay for”, that applies for pretty much anything I pick up on the high street. I often find this is the case when it comes to skin care products. After all, you only get one face in your lifetime so you may as well give the very best! Am I right? 
I’m the crazy person you would find down skincare isles of Boots or the beauty hall of Selfriges, smelling and testing out products on my hand. I definitely think trying before you buy is a good habit to have.
I have had my eye on a few bits for a while now, especially the LAB series and Jack Black skincare products. Two high end brands that have definitely caught my eye as ‘worthy’ brands. Therefore you can understand my excitement when Mankind* emailed me asking if I wanted to give a few products a test run.
It is safe to say, I am in love. My initial thoughts were in-fact correct, when trying the products in the full size instead of an awkward pea size, shying away from passing customers wondering what I am doing trying out all these testers. 
The Neville Tonic Splash is a revolutionary product that I have never heard or seen, until now. I am annoyed at myself for not trying something like it before! It has made shaving a much more enjoyable experience, hands down. I have a really sensitive neck, therefore when shaving I always end up with at least three or more cuts and they hurt too. Normally, I use a drugstore or my YSL aftershave balm and it tastes a while for the skin to ‘recover’. However, I tried out this this tonic and it worked a treat… reviving, refreshing and recovering my skin like a dream. All it took was a little bit in my hand and a quick spread over the shaven areas and there you have it. As much as I love the product, the smell does put me off a little. I am not a huge lover of the classic ‘wood’ scent, but lucky you cannot smell it strongly once its been applied. 
As a face moisturiser snob, I am generally skeptical about any moisturiser living up to my standards.  However, this particular product definitely exceeded my expectations. Jack Black’s Double-Duty Face Moisturiser is something quite special… did I just say that? Yes I did! Especially with summer coming, up it is great as you really want a light and invisible moisturiser where you cannot tell its even on, no sticky, surface sitting products. It is even has SPF 20, so you’re well on your way to be protected against the sun. 
My favourite product, has to be the LAB series Multi-Action Face Wash. After perfecting my everyday morning energising face scrub and my gentle evening cleanser, I was awaiting to find that product that worked in between, not as harsh as my morning scrub but not as soft as my evening cleanser. The product speaks for itself with ‘multi-action’, it has the gentle face wash base with small gentle microbeads for soft exfoliation. It also boasts a fantastic fresh smell, that just makes it a ideal  to remove any extra oils and dirt after a long hot day. 
What high end skincare products are you loving?
Until next time…