Eid Dining At Thai Square

Some of you may know it was Bakri Eid yesterday (translates to Goat Eid). Whilst being away from home and not being to celebrate with family down in Bournemouth, my sister and I decided to have our own celebrations by dining at Thai Square.
We settled down studying the menu after being promptly seated on a busy Saturday night – through impressed by that!
For starters we ordered the Vegetarian Tapioca Dumplings, which were different yet delicious. Filled with wild mushrooms, Japanese radish and cashew nuts, it all sounds quite odd together but worked really well. 
At the same time, the drinks had arrived too… Cocktails all round please, sir. My sister ordered the Rock Berry, which she dived straight into.
I ordered the Summer Cool, purely because I was feeling nostalgic about summer leaving and the autumn weather approaching. After getting stared at for photographing my food and drinks, I thought people cannot think any worse… so I posed with my drink. (Well, I say pose… it wasn’t really a pose!)
Just look how the colours of the drink sit though, definitely felt summery to me. Pure excellence and talent.
I dressed for comfort that evening, as it was bitterly cold and I could feel the start of a man flu coming on, hence the not so flashy look I normally go for.
After we chowed down our starters, had some good laughs about old memories and sipped at our cocktails, the mains had arrived.
We ordered Green Curry with chicken, which had a lovely aroma of chilli’s and coconut radiating from it. With so much flavour, heat and oriental spices mixed together, every bite was just pure heaven.
Along with the Panang Curry, with a special request they made it with chicken for us. A beautifully created dish, with having being cooked in coconut milk and Panang paste the chicken was so soft and the spice going right through it – extremely flavourful. 
Along with the two curries, we ordered egg fried rice. Rice was so soft, not like other egg fried rice I have had before. 
After spending a fantastic evening together with good food, drink and company, we walked through central at night ready to head home.
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