Evening On Primrose Hill

Every so often, you find yourself in a bit of a down mood. Whether it be from work, school, university, family, friends or even your partner – something always triggers it.
I was feeling a bit ‘down in the dumps’ after being swamped with uni work after only being back for a second week and I really needed a pick me up. I have got to admit, I feel best friends have telepathic talents and can tell when you need them to cheer you up.
Some quick plans were put into place for a peaceful, lovely evening. We headed over to Primrose Hill as the sunset, having a good natter and soaking in the beautiful view. 
I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

Such beautiful sights, just as the sun was setting – it could not have been anymore perfect!

I love the fact that we can just be crazy with each other. This is why I am so lucky to have such an awesome best friend!

London is so beautiful at night, when all the lights come on. It really is breathtaking! 

As the night drew in, it became really cold. Little did it stop us from enjoying time together and making memories… in selfies! 
After a lovely evening, we finished off with a smashing late dinner at Tinsel Town. You cannot go wrong with a greasy burger and a milkshake to end a long week.
Thanks for reading,