Confessions Of A Male Blogger

Being a male blogger in the sea of female beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers definitely makes it difficult to get noticed – it is a bit like being a small fish in a school of sharks. We are so over powered by the opinions of females in the blogosphere that males tend to get shoved to one side, under the sign of ‘opinions not valid’. 
Personally, I would think that as there are so many female bloggers, to find a male blogger would be like finding a golden nugget. A fresh voice for bloggers and companies since there is an ever expanding range of all things masculine these days!
Step back a second a think, how many beauty bloggers are out there? How many of them post reviews about the same products? Surely it gets a bit tedious reading the same post just in a different wording?! Being a male blogger I do in fact read a lot of my female followers’ beauty and fashion posts. I am not going to go and buy the products/clothes per say,  but it is a knowledge that I can share with my other female friends – so why don’t female bloggers do the same for us male bloggers?
Many bloggers take blogging too competitively and are extremely set in their ways, often showing a very egotistic attitude towards others and their blogs. I am sure that many of us want to be big and famous, but behind all of the big blogs are many faithful followers… how are you supposed to gain followers if you are not going to interact with other bloggers and your fans?
I have seen a lot of people saying, ‘Oh you’re a male blogger? It is so hard to find male bloggers, keep it up.’ It is all well and good complimenting the obvious, but if you really were that bothered about it some sort of support through a Twitter or Bloglovin’ follow would not go a miss. Surely you would want to keep a track of male bloggers somehow if they are so ‘rare’? 
Many of you may think this is a rant, but I just needed to confess how difficult it is to feel overpowered rather than welcome. I am sure many other male bloggers will have the same opinion as me, so next time you come across a male blogger please give them chance to fit in.