Bloggers Get Drunched At Dirty Bones

I’m sure you all think that I live the life of leisure in London, picking a brunch spot every Sunday, but I promise it is not like it seems. I do actually do other things like study and run errands. However, I did go for brunch again this Sunday. Eeeek! Say what you will, but I say i’m taking one for the team. I mean somebody has to try out all these places for you to tell you where there best places to go are, right?

Where this week? Dirty Bones! Yes… we did get down and dirty, with dirty Mary’s! No, not your average bloody Mary. A dirty Mary differs with a twist, a sour cream pringle rim, Louisiana hot sauce for an added kick and a massive helping of mint – the perfect post Saturday night hangover cure. Best of all, I made it myself? Uh huh. A man of many skills, me.

Dirty BonesDirty Bones
Once your dirty Mary has settled your stomach and you feel slightly better, it’s time to bring on the prosecco. You can say goodbye to that five minutes of bliss where you felt slightly better and get ready for another helping of that ghastly hangover. Nothing says a Sunday brunch like a boozy one.

Whilst we waited for the first dish to come out, I took the time to catch up with some very familiar faces. Some which I hadn’t seen for a while and others more recent but nonetheless always a pleasure.

Dirty Bones
First up was the Slow ‘N’ Low Toastie, which was a made of beef rib, charred gherkin, English mustard, taleggio and cheddar cheese on sourdough bread. I’m going to let you all know ahead of time that this was my favourite dish out of them all. So many flavours, plus i’m a bit of a carnivore. The meat was cooked perfectly – melted in my mouth.
Dirty Bones
 If you like the sound of the Slow ‘N’ Low Toastie, but are a vegetarian and or not a huge meat eater after a heavy night out, then I think the Green Cheese Toastie is for you! All the lushness of the double helping of cheese but with an added bit of avocado on sourdough bread.
Dirty BonesDirty Bones
However, those of you that are more burger fiends and classic brunch egg lovers than this dish is for you. The Benedict burger is a mix of your traditional poached egg with hollandaise sauce with a 6oz aged steak burger underneath and a bit of treacle bacon (which mine didn’t contain) with a fresh chargrilled bun. You get the best of both worlds.

We were served the burger with fries, with double fried eggs on top and a bit of tomato sauce to sweeten the deal. I’m also a huge fan of popping yolks and watching the running goodness come pouring out. So I had to be the first brave one to grab a chip and stab one of the yolks, sit back and watch… then of course grabbing another chip and smothering it in yolk. Delicious!

Dirty Bones
Dan Doherty’s Duck and Waffle speciality taking to London’s tastebuds like a storm. Dirty Bones took this speciality and added their own touch, crispy fried chicken to be exact. Served with a side of freshly cooked waffles and a shot of maple syrup and barbecue sauce. Now, i’m sure many of you would happily pour the maple syrup over both the chicken and the waffles and others vice versa, or others that would have it both parts separately with different dips. It’s nice to have options. Options are always a good idea, especially with foodies.

That concluded the mains, but it wouldn’t be a proper brunch with a sweet pudding or two to finish off the midday indulgence.

Dirty BonesDirty Bones
“Milk and Frosties”, something I would traditionally eat for breakfast so I was a bit sceptical when I first saw it on the menu but then when it came out I was curious enough to try it and find out. Sweet milk panna cotta served with a glass of frosties. I have a massive sweet tooth, so this dessert was heaven for me but a bit sickly if you ate too much. However, they kept the theme of brunch by incorporating a traditional breakfast into a dessert which I thought was quite clever.

The last dish of the meal with Banana Toblerone-Tella Waffles, which consisted of caramelised banana, toblerone-tella, blueberry jam, peanut butter, gelato covered in salted nuts and cooked fresh waffles. Interesting… very interesting. Again, keeping the trend of breakfast and adding a sweet twist to it to convert it into a brunch dessert. I thought it was quite lovely, again another rich dessert that is potentially worth sharing but nonetheless a well thought out dish.

Thank you to Dirty Bones for having us and getting us ‘drunched’ in the face.

Until next time…
Dirty Bones
20 Kensington Church Street
W8 4EP
We were guests at Dirty Bones and our experience was complimentary.