Exquisite Brunching At Roux At The Landau

Sunday brunch has hit the menu at Roux At The Landau, Langham Hotel in London. What an exciting time! The perfect opportunity to catch up with your old girlfriends, a lover, family or in my case my glorious older sibling. I’m sure i’ve mentioned before, that my sister and I are always so busy with our work/studies and hobbies that we barely get a chance to sit down and talk properly. So, we kept a Sunday midday free for exactly that. Good company, good food and a smashing fine dining venue. One that i’m certainly no stranger to, it’s like coming back to my second home being welcomed with open arms.

We were a tad early for our booking, so we were seated in the award winning Artesian bar around the corner, with a glass of champagne.

When our table was ready, we were called and seated in a beautiful booth perfect for two people. We were handed the menu and were poured a glass of L.V Lenoble Brut champagne.

Brunch at Roux At The Landau
Brunch at Roux At The LandauWhat a delicious menu! So hard to choose. I have had the pressed chicken before at a lunch with fellow food bloggers which was really good, so I thought I would try something different.

I opted to have the Saint Nectaire and roscoff onion quiche with bitter leaves, a beautiful slice of heaven. So light and fluffy, with delicious cheese flavours coming through from the Saint Nectaire.

Brunch at Roux At The Landau
 My sister had the Forman’s Smoked Salmon with butter milk crackers and crème fraîche. Beautifully prepared and sliced right in front of our eyes. It surely doesn’t get fresher than that!
Brunch at Roux At The LandauBrunch at Roux At The Landau
My sister was throughly content with her starter, which got us excited for the rest of the meal. We both ordered the Beef wellington which was served with creamed spinach and mousseline potatoes.
Brunch at Roux At The Landau
Brunch at Roux At The Landau
The meat was cooked medium rare, to perfection. The buttery pastry out softened under the jus, perfectly complimenting the meat. Under the pastry there was a layer of sautéed mushrooms that added some extra flavour, texture to the beef wellington. A perfectly hearty portion, service with right amount of spinach and mousseline potatoes. The dish was well thought out and completely and utterly divine. I would happy go back for the brunch just to have this dish again.

Polished off plates, with extremely full stomaches. Not too full or not hungry, just content. However, in the centre of the restaurant, right near our table was the array of desserts on show. Now, if you’re like me and have a major sweet tooth, you would be eyeing them up from the start and that I was!

When it came to the point of deciding what to have for dessert, I already knew what I was going to order. After coming to Roux At The Landau before as previously mentioned and having my favourite dessert, the crème brûlée, I just had to relive the glory.

Brunch at Roux At The LandauAlso, the fact it is probably the biggest brûlée I have ever been served… It just wins! My sister opted for the Pear and almond tart bourdaloue with lemon curd.
Brunch at Roux At The LandauThe lemon tang worked perfectly, a refreshing, light way to end the meal. I even had a sneaky bite and loved it!

Brunch at Roux At The LandauBrunch at Roux At The Landau

The toffee popcorn éclair and bitter chocolate mousse, cocoa nib tuile with salted caramel look equally as good, so it was a tough choice on the table. However, I need to try the others – all the more reasons to go back for brunch, right?
An all round fantastic brunch at Roux at the Landau, with very attentive and pleasant service making the whole experience that bit more enjoyable.

Until next time…

We were guests at The Roux At The Landau and our meals were complimentary.