10 Things Travelling Has Taught Me

I have also been a huge fan of travelling, but ever since I started Fresh & Fearless, it makes me more excited to travel. It’s like having hundreds and thousands of friends that you share your experiences with and tell them about your amazing journey. I have this never ending feeling of booking a new place to visit, even if it is within the UK – especially after coming back from a holiday and not having another one to look forward to, i’m sure many travel bloggers and friends will agree with me on that one!

So i’m here to share a little part of what travelling has taught me:

1. There are different cultures and they are pretty amazing

I have learnt about so many unique and different cultures, even trips back to where we originated from in India and where my parents grew up in Africa or simply just attending your cousins wedding, you learn about all the different customs and rituals that take place.

Travelling Has Taught Me

2. You will never be alone

Making friends and meeting distant family members is something that is bound to happen and they certainly just won’t be friends for just the trip, they will be friends you will make for life. Even when they are married and having kids, you will still know about it.

Travelling Has Taught Me

3. There are weird and wonderful creatures out there

I will admit, I think growing up in England has given me the sheltered life about the creepy and amazing creatures that actually exist out there. Going to Africa and seeing the likes of cockroaches and lizards around certainly makes you appreciate the little garden spiders back at home. Seeing the beautiful beasts you only see on television, up close and personal on Safari’s… now that’s something spectacular!

Travelling Has Taught Me

4. Fears no longer exist

Travelling makes you grow a thicker skin. I used to hate travelling on planes and taking off, it used to give me a rush that I really didn’t like. It took me out of my comfort zone, taking me into the air where I couldn’t just get off the plane if there was a little bit of turbulence that frightened me. Now, I love travelling on a planes, I will admit it still gives me the rush it did before, but i’m used to it now and that makes the whole experience more relaxing and enjoyable. Heights are another thing that phase me greatly, but standing on a giant rock and experiencing the view from it makes you forget about the drop below.

Travelling Has Taught Me

5. You gain the most unforgettable memories

I have been on many trips and seen so many scenes that just take my breath away. An experience that nobody can describe to you in words, something you can only feel by just being there and it makes you want to go back again and again just to experience that same feeling. Yes… we did travel by that boat out to sea too!

Travelling Has Taught Me

6. Street food is the best food

As much as a love luxury dining in a nice warm place, nothing really beats the true authentic taste and cuisine than trying the street food. It is like living the foodie dream. My favourites have to be the keema chapati, mishkaki and drinking fresh coconut water in East Africa… amazing!

Travelling Has Taught Me

7. Pack light

No… seriously… I am a guilty overpacked and I literally like to take my entire life with me when going abroad. I made that mistake recently when I travelled to Canada, filling my suitcase to the weight limit with clothes and skincare products. Little did I know that I would end up buying another wardrobe amount of clothes out there and bringing new products back from Sephora. Pack light, especially when you’re going to a place where you are likely to want to bring a lot of stuff back. After all, you can buy essential things out here anyway.

Travelling Has Taught Me

8. The best life lessons you will learn from strangers

Weird, but true. The amount of times I have been given advice from random people in the street or people I have met for the first time. Some advice sticks with me until now. One thing that stood out to the most was when I was in a supermarket in New York and I ended up chatting to a lady who was doing a food shop too, she just came out with “You are going to be a doctor one day, I just know it. I have faith that you will get there.” Baring in mind, I didn’t even tell her that I was even in education, let alone what I was studying!

9. Language isn’t a barrier

When I was young, I managed to become best friends with the African neighbour to the point where I cried when leaving to go back home. He didn’t speak a word of English and I didn’t speak a word of Swahili yet we managed to communicate and have fun together, his name was Shabani. Even to this day my family still remind me of it. Travelling to places like Paris even throws me off sometimes but most people speak a little bit of English, enough to get you to where you need to be.

Travelling Has Taught Me

10. Everything may not be what you may expect

Lower your expectations. I have had this problem on many occasions when travelling to new places, where the destination hasn’t been what I thought it would be. Maybe a little dirtier, more poverty, less authentic culture, fewer tourist spots… but the main part about it is that you have to accept that it is what it is and you have to make the most of the experience, with that mentality in mind I have always come having more fun that I originally thought I would.

Travelling Has Taught Me

Most of all though, have fun! Now I want to hear YOUR thoughts… What has travelling taught you?

Until next time…