Tastebud Tingling Food At Jamie’s Italian

An evening at one of the best chefs restaurants, what an honour. Before we arrived, I knew we would be in for a treat. As far as I knew from watching Jamie Oliver on television, he is a man about full flavours and creating spectacular dishes, so I was intrigued to try out some of the dishes he created when starting Jamie’s Italian.

Arriving at Jamie’s, we were seated to our reserved table in a booth which I thought was a nice way to separate us from the rest of the main restaurant, especially when I get my camera out normally everyones heads seem to turn towards me.

We started off with drinks. Neither of us felt like drinking alcohol, so we ordered the home-made lemonade. Lemon juice, with mint leaves, sugar and soda. I asked the waiter if it will be sweet as I have a bit of a sweet tooth and majorly dislike overpoweringly sour drinks, but he kindly added a smidge more sugar to our taste. So kind!

The lemonade was out of this world… and we were only on the first part! I never knew lemonade could taste that good. 10 points for you Jamie, sir.

Jamie's Italian

We ordered our starters and mains straight after our drinks arrived. My sister and I decided to share a starter, as we find if we have heavy starters we struggle to even make it through our main courses, let alone dessert!

The ultimate garlic bread sounded so appealing, so we just had to have it.

Jamie's ItalianA warm and crusty ouster yet heavenly soft inner buttermilk bun, with a drizzle of rosemary, garlic butter and a baked in top of Bella Lodi cheese. Wow, just wow. I have never had garlic bread that had so much favour and taste. It was deeeelicious!

The time in between finishing the starters and our mains arriving was sufficient enough to give us time to have a food break, chat some more and be ready for what yumminess the main had in store for us.

We both ordered Jamie’s Favourite, chicken cacciatore… original I know!

Jamie's Italian

The base being a garlic infused ciabatta bread, topped with a piece of grilled succulent chicken, covered with seasoned vegetables with a sauce contained tomatoes, chianti wine with a sprinkling of olives, pine nuts, rocket and parmesan. Perfetto, as the Italians say!

The inner British in us felt the need to accompany it with a side order of seasoned chips. The first seasoned with rosemary and garlic, also known as ‘funky chips’ and the second seasoned with chilli power, garlic and chilli slices known as ‘chilli fries’.

Jamie's ItalianJamie's Italian

The worst thing about this point in a meal is you’re completely and utterly full after the starters and main course, yet you just can’t help watch all the dessert go past you to other tables and just need a peak at the dessert menu. You tell yourself that you physically can’t eat anymore but it’s just worth seeing what they have to offer even if you don’t have anything.

Then this happens…

Jamie's ItalianJamie's Italian

Yes…we caved. This happens every time, damn you sweet tooth!

We decided to have the Amalfi Lemon Meringue Cheesecake, which a mascarpone cheese and lemon based cheesecake topped with Italian meringue and a drizzling of lemon curd and blackcurrants around the bottom of it. The Molten Chocolate Praline Pudding was the last dish of the night, a warm chocolate cake that had a centre of oozing melted chocolate, with a side of salted caramel ice-cream and praline pieces.

The whole meal from start to finish was absolutely phenomenal. I never had a series of dishes that  were infused with such strong, exquisite flavours and brilliant service. I will most definitely be returning to Jamie’s Italian sometime soon. Thank you very much for having us!

Until next time…

Jamie’s Italian
1078 Westfield Shopping Centre
Ariel Way
Shepherds Bush
W12 7GB

We were guests at Jamie's Italian and our meals were complimentary.