Wind Down With Merumaya Skincare

Living in the city means mass amounts of pollution, meaning you’re more susceptible to those god forbidden break outs. Especially as many women in the corporate world have to dress professionally and must wear make-up. I also know many guys including myself, who are partial to a bit of concealer here and there to cover up the rough areas.

Merumaya have worked out the perfect way to overcome these city life downfalls and have put together a series of products to end a long day with.

Merumaya Skincare

Starting off with a dry face, the Melting Cleansing Balm is used. It does exactly what it says on the packaging, it melts off th make-up on your face to make an easy removal. Shortly after you have to follow up with some water, slowly massaging the face until a milky colouration has been reached. Washing off the residue left on the skin, leaves the skin make-up free, clean and some what hydrated.

Following up with Luxury Facial Wash that is gentle, yet very cleansing. Removing all the dirty and grease that has built up on the face, reducing the chances of spots developing. A small amount is all that is required as it lathers up into a foam very quickly allowing even distribution.

The final step of the routine is to tackle what the free radicals in the pollution do to our sensitive skin. Radicals cause aging of skin, quicker than normal. However, the Iconic Youth Serum is used to fix fine lines, wrinkles and improve elasticity and plumpness whilst giving off a hydrated glow too. It also has Echium Oil inside that acts as a natural anti-inflammatory for sensitive skin.

A perfect three step routine to getting your skin in order, post-work. Thanks Merumaya!
Melting Cleansing Balm: £16.50 | Luxury Facial Wash: £16.50 | Iconic Youth Serum: £36.50
All the products can be purchased at the Merumaya Website

Until next time…

*I was sent these products as gifts from Merumaya