Trying New Things

I am normally a person who lives to try something new, venture out a bit and see what difference food or drinks that I might like from the different cultures around us. Trying sushi had been on the cards for a while now, but it had taken me this long to pluck up the courage to actually try it! It was something that would instantly put me off, just by looking at it purely because it is raw fish. I am only human to think that is extremely weird, since I have only eaten fish that has been cooked throughly in the past.

Yesterday, my flatmates were determined for me to try sushi. We set off to Kensington Gardens to have a look around, it was such a lovely crisp and fresh morning just perfect for those walks on a blue skied Saturday. There are so many beautiful places in London, yet we tend to forget about them very rapidly. 

We ended going to Wasabi in Kensington for sushi afterwards and it came to the time of judgement, would I like sushi or not?! I ended up trying the salmon rolls, I was told to put the whole thing in my mouth and just chew – I did what I was told to try and get the full effect. Oh my lord, I was almost sick on the spot. There was there mass infusion and mix of strong fish tastes – if you know me well, you will know that I don’t eat fish that have that fishy smell or taste to it. The seaweed and salmon mixed together was the worst thing ever, I had to chew it as fast as possible and then down a litre of coke afterwards. At least I can say that I have tried it and don’t particularly like it? It was definitely a good experience though.

Earlier that day, I had tried a Starbucks drink that I had never had before. I love my lattes very much, but I had never had the vanilla spiced latte before – so once again be being adventurous I gave it a go. It was the best thing I have ever tasted, it tasted like Christmas in a cup, literally! It had so much more flavour than your average vanilla latte (I normally have to ask for extra pumps of syrup) but this was just perfect – I am definitely a fan and will be making it my ‘regular’ from now on.

I have friends at university who have tried different exotic foods such as crocodile and other types, I wish I was that daring to try foods like that but sadly just knowing what I am going to be eating puts me off straight away.

What new things that you all tried?

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