30 Day Blog Challenge

I have set myself a new task for the blog, to do a 30 day blog challenge. That would mean I would have to post something everyday on a fixed list that I will post below. I would love to see other people taking part in the blog challenge too, as it is something to keep your readers intrigued as they select the questions from the list that they would be interested in reading about. I will be honest as possible and hopefully make it an interesting read for you all for the next 30 days! Enjoy.

1. Five ways to win my heart

2. Something I feel strongly about

3. My favourite television programme 

4. Closest friends

5. A book I love

6. My favourite season

7. My favourite childhood toys

8. What I hope my future will be like

9. How important I think education is

10. Put your music player on shuffle and pick the first ten songs

11. Write about the last movie I saw in theatres

12. Five weird things I like

13. Somewhere I would like to move to/visit

14. Have siblings? Talk about them

15. Fifteen interesting facts about myself

16. My favourite Disney movie princess and why?

17. Something I am proud of

18. Top five dream jobs

19. Five items that I love

20. Something I will always think ‘What if?’ about

21. My favourite subject to study and why?

22. How have I changed in the last two years and why?

23. Something you miss

24. Five words/phrases that make me laugh

25. Somebody that fascinates me and why?

26. Name one place I would live to visit one day

27. A quote I try to live by

28. Ten people, dead or alive that would I invite to dinner

29. One thing I am excited for

30. My goals for the next thirty days

Thanks for reading, 

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