Tom Ford Releases Concealer For Men

As men of the twenty first century become more conscious about their looks, men have taken a direct interest in the products on offer and the cosmetic industry is rapidly expanding to accomodate. 
From the start there was the basics, shaving products and shower gels. Moving upwards and wider, moisturisers and eye care became available. I’m proud to announce, that cosmetics have taken that one step further into helping mankind and now do face masques and concealers. How fantastic!
A few brands out there, have taken on the challenge of pushing the boat out and testing the water as to how men take to concealers. For as long as we know, concealers and make up has been known to be a thing that only women use. Now, we can truthfully eliminate that stereotype. 
One of the challengers to take on this test is luxury brand Tom Ford. When I heard the news, I had to discover and test it out for myself. Offering three tones, light, medium and deep. I headed over to Selfridges to see the range in their entirety. 

I picked up the deep, as it was the closest to my skin tone. Selfridges are wonderful and have testers for each tone allowing you to swatch and match the right colour to your skin. 

I instantly fell in love with the metal casing with the use of neutral and masculine colours, it makes it a perfect target for men. Removing the awkward feeling that may be felt by buying something that was once stereotypically meant for females. 
The colour at first is some what daunting but once rubbed in, it blends in with the skin so well you cannot even tell that it has been applied. 
It is a product that is perfect to cover those unruly red areas, spots, razor cuts, blemishes and dark under eye circles.
Being one of the first brands to release such a product for men, there are some flaws but I am sure over time they will be ironed out. Personally, I feel it could over a little more coverage and it needs to adapt to the perspiration of men. If you have a long day ahead, it tends to have faded away by the end and it is not something that I wish to carry around to reapply during the day.
I feel there is real potential for mens concealers to take off and become an everyday product like many women use. Something to watch out for ladies and gents!
Overall, the Tom Ford concealer has ticked the box for me. At the price it is offered at, I would expect the flaws mentioned above to be absent but I am sure over time it will correct itself and become a best seller.