The Love Journey #7

I’m Gemma and have a little mixture of parenting, lifestyle and beauty blog called Sunshine On A Cloudy Day. When Aftab asked if I wanted to be a part of his new series on love, I immediately signed up – literally a lover of love so have loved reading the stories so far! 
Back in January 2012, I was a single mummy and hadn’t been with anyone since separation from Corey’s dad 5 or more months before that. Frankly it didn’t even cross my mind. But then Iyaz came along and did a cheeky Facebook friend request as he had seen me around as at the time I was friends with his brother, we went to school together. Facebook was the craze for meeting people back then (I was 18 at the time!) Anyways, we got to chatting and getting to know each other – he had a way with words I tell ya. Eventually over a month later, we met up and instantly just clicked. Although I have to admit I was highly drunk on a night out when I agreed to meet as nerves kept getting the better of me before that. Safe to say it went well and even had our cheeky first kiss whilst I made him a cup of tea at like 4 in the morning, he won’t let me forget that I made the first move – but in my defence I had been waiting like 6 hours. You never know how you feel until you kiss someone and see if there is that spark (alcohol influence at the time baring in mind)! 
A few days went on and he asked me to be his girlfriend even if it were by text. But at the time not realising he asked me on 29th February, just so happens to be leap year so we only get an anniversary technically every 4 years! I do not let this stop us from celebrating every year though.
It was a little while until he met Corey even after that, he took me on knowing I had this 1 year old child, that’s quite a step for a 20 year old lad to be honest and many would probably stay clear – Iyaz didn’t though! Like I said Corey being only 1 at the time wasn’t really aware of what was going on or what it meant and they have been best friends ever since. What should have been a scary nerve wrecking experience went so easy and smoothly just made things even clearer that we were meant to be. 
Iyaz is without a doubt my best friend, my soul mate and partner for life. I feel so comfortable around Iyaz and can totally be myself as can he. He makes me laugh and is always there no matter what happens. We don’t get bored of each other, ever. Now we have a lovely house that we have made a home, got a dog and hopefully another soon for my 21st birthday – if I am lucky!
Although we have had some ups and downs as most relationships do, we both have mood swings which can cause some bad moments. We can spend days on end bickering about little things, especially whilst shopping! In this particular instance I am going to share as maybe someone will be in the same boat, when I felt all alone at first. Because of Iyaz family religion they do not know of me, which is hard – I am very much a family person. Luckily for me my family are very supportive and helped us through hard times. But to begin with we couldn’t be seen in public etc, it certainly put a strain on the relationship. In the end, I said I didn’t care and we will go out together as not my problem. His brother (my friend) hasn’t actually spoke to either of us since we got together, because he is still not happy that I am dating his brother. Unfortunately, it is one of those things, as upsetting and as hard as it is to come to terms with just hope that maybe one day they will come round. I am probably their only hope of grandchildren too! So if you have been or are in this situation, if it’s true love then don’t let it get in the way. Mum tells me similar stories of people she works with, who hide their relationship from the parents for 7 years, I couldn’t do it!
Iyaz doesn’t know I have wrote this yet but I slyly asked him why he loved me and his response: “because you are the bestest girlfriend ever *big cheesy grin* and because my heart is at home” – I assume that’s a good thing, not sure on what it means and not so much a way with words these days nor is he really the romantic type in any way shape or form! If I get flowers, it’s because I have spent months dropping hints once a day haha, he needs some tips!
As we have each other now 2 and a half years on, a house we love, my beautiful child that we love and now planning for our foreseeable future is just an amazing feeling – being in love with your best friend.
So there you have my little love story, not as exciting as some but still as important to me.
Gemma x
Thanks for reading,