Suite Staycation At The Langham London

When I was growing up, I always loved staying at hotels. I would get ridiculously excited when the idea of our next holiday came up. Clearly some things don’t change when you reach your twenties. Visiting and staying at opulent luxury hotels is still one of my favourite things about planning a holiday. You get treated like royalty for a number of nights, in a large bed with feather stuffed pillows and room service only a phone call away. I wish I could live in a hotel, like the Van Der Woodsens in Gossip Girl did, but some scenarios are just dreams for reason.

It’s not until I moved to London, four years ago that it was possible to stay at hotels, experiencing the attentive treatment and carefree days within your home city. It’s called a staycation. It’s not exactly like a vacation, but you’re actually spending the weekend in an opulent hotel, within your own city or a nearby one. I’ve found that staycations are perfect for anniversaries, birthday treats or if you’re like me and just want a bit of extra luxury if your life, then a weekend treat.

Recently I had the pleasure of experiencing The Langham, a hotel that I love. Its central location makes it accessible for all luxury loving travellers. Not forgetting their impeccable service within the restaurants, The Roux at the Landau, The Palm Court and the award winning bar, The Artesian. Some hotels don’t need no introduction and I feel like The Langham is exactly one of those hotels.

From the minute you approach the hotel, you feel the warmth from the doormen as they open the glorious large gateway into the truly palatial hotel.

The Langham London

We started our stay with a lovely Farmhouse brunch, which was made up with fresh and delicious food that could send anyone into a major food coma. Luckily, I didn’t have to go very far. Ending up at the award winning Artesian Bar, I went to see what new cocktails they had on their new perception menu.

Artesian Bar, The Langham London

If you have visited the Langham before, you know they have some amazing ways of serving their cocktails. However, these have been taken to the next level. The drink above named Cocoon is presented in a Pandora’s box, which shows the stages of life. The first step is to open the flap, of the box, where you see lots of small little flies flying around, as you progress onto the second stage of pulling the flap back completely, the tiny creatures morph into beautiful big butterflies and then the final stage is lifting out the cocktail and drinking it. The cocktail itself is made using anqueray No. 10, fortified rose, lemon thyme, lovage and bay. Definitely a very easy to drink cocktail, warming the cockles.

Artesian Bar, The Langham London

This wonderful masterpiece called La Penca De La Vida is just another of the cocktails that are served on this new menu. It mimics an aloe vera plant in a Moroccan style vase. The cocktail is made using Don Julio Blanco, Raicilla blend, Montelobos, cactus and aloe vera and has a very earthy taste to it, keeping it true to the presentation. This particular cocktail is drunk using the copper straw inside the vase, which enhances the ice-cold sensation as the concoction passes through.

Artesian Bar, The Langham London

Or how about a cocktail served on a wooden spoon? They are not just for cooking anymore!

Artesian Bar, The Langham London

If that doesn’t tickle your taste buds, what about a glow in the dark cocktail? They have really thought of everything! This cocktail is called Two Memories and is a cocktail made up of Star of Bombay, sloes, yuzu, Champagne and sakura.

Artesian Bar, The Langham London

I caught up with Emma and Rich for one last taste of the new menu cocktails, finishing things off with a Ten Dollar Tease which was made up with Ketel One, orange, kalamansi, passion fruit, tonka and cherry. Very similar to my favourite Pornstar Martini, but more a slushy version. Nonetheless, a delicious treat.

Trying the new cocktails at The Artesian was all so exciting that I had realised I hadn’t even visited my room yet. Little did I know, I was in for a whole load more excitement!

I opened the door to a gorgeous Junior Suite, that just screamed luxury hotel in every way. From the glittery gold chairs, to the standalone bathtub. The classic branded towels, to the macarons with a welcome note with my name on. I just wanted to launch myself onto the bed, that had seven pillows on, but it took all my willpower to hold back until I had papped the room.

Junior Suite, The Langham LondonJunior Suite, The Langham LondonJunior Suite, The Langham London Junior Suite, The Langham London Junior Suite, The Langham London Junior Suite, The Langham London Junior Suite, The Langham London Junior Suite, The Langham London Junior Suite, The Langham London Junior Suite, The Langham London Junior Suite, The Langham London Junior Suite, The Langham London Junior Suite, The Langham London

I genuinely felt like royalty at The Langham, swanning around the room just admiring the pure beauty of the furniture. I peaked out past the silky curtains and watched the hustle and bustle of central London. People rushing around, making the last of their weekend before starting work on Monday. There was a stunning view, that just overlooked the local church residing in Langham Place.

I took some time out and enjoyed my surroundings before heading out to the Club Lounge, to join Emma and Rich for a glass of bubbles. The Club Lounge is a wonderful spot in the hotel, that has a cosy and homely vibe to it. It’s feel like the kitchen, living room and study for your house – giving you a sense of comfort, but on a more luxurious level. You automatically get access to the Club Lounge when booking an Executive Room, Junior Suite or One Bedroom Suite and the benefits are fantastic.

The Club Lounge, The Langham LondonThe Club Lounge, The Langham LondonThe Club Lounge, The Langham LondonThe Club Lounge, The Langham LondonThe Club Lounge, The Langham LondonThe Club Lounge, The Langham LondonThe Club Lounge, The Langham LondonThe Club Lounge, The Langham LondonThe Club Lounge, The Langham London

You get to enjoy the breakfast in the private setting of the hotel, rather than going down to the restaurants, private check-in and check-out, champagne and cocktails found at the Artesian bar are brought up to you (at no additional charge, it is covered as a part of your room price). Additionally, you get pressing of three items of clothing upon check-in and their are private showers and changing facilities available if you are arriving early or departing late.

Before we knew it, it was time to head down to the Palm Court to enjoy a relaxed dinner in an deluxe setting, complete with large crystal chandeliers and a dim lit atmosphere.

Palm Court, The Langham LondonPalm Court, The Langham London

After a day of indulging, I wanted to keep dinner quite simple. Therefore, I ordered chicken Milanese with a side of al dente broccoli with chilli and garlic.

Palm Court, The Langham LondonEmma ordered the The Langham beef burger with a side of fries and Rich ordered the ribeye steak.

Palm Court, The Langham London Palm Court, The Langham LondonI’ll tell you something, even when I am extremely full but there is creme brûlée on the menu I just have to order it. It’s just so simple yet utterly satisfying. Emma ordered the praline profiteroles which was served with chocolate sauce and caramelised hazelnut.

After falling into a major food coma, I almost had to roll myself out of the Palm Court up to my room.
Nothing is more relaxing that getting into a steamy hot bath when you’re nursing a food baby. I grabbed the welcome amenity of raspberry macarons and popped them into the bath rack. Feeling totally zen and relaxed, with a great aroma from the bath salts whilst nibbling on some sweet treats. I jumped out, wrapped myself in the soft cotton robes before getting into my oversized night wear and star-fishing in what was a massive bed with soft, cloud like pillows.

The morning brought around a big day for me, starting my first proper job. A job that I had held out for a very long time before finally landing the perfect role. Nerves were brewing as I popped on my suit and tie and headed down to the Club Lounge to check out the breakfast spread.
The Club Lounge, The Langham LondonThe Club Lounge, The Langham LondonThe Club Lounge, The Langham LondonThe Club Lounge, The Langham LondonThe breakfast options were just as incredible! From fresh fruits, to French pastries. A range of cheeses and cold meats too. There is also the option to order freshly cooked breakfasts, like eggs Benedict. Anything you wanted, you could have – even a champagne breakfast.

As you can probably tell, I really didn’t want to leave The Langham. I would have happily moved it and made it by home, but alas, all good things have to come to an end. It was a phenomenal staycation and I can truly recommend The Langham to anyone, whether you’re visiting London or you’re a Londoner – pop in or stay at this opulent and luxurious hotel.

Star rating for The Langham:

Until next time…

My complete staycation at The Langham was complimentary.