Starting My Day With Cornerstone

We all have those annoying parts of your daily routine that you just get tired of having to do. One of those parts for me is shaving. I don’t know how some guys clean shave their facial hair daily and how you ladies shave your legs and underarms so frequently too. I often find myself having to shave more often than I desire to due to the fact my facial hair grows so fast.

When I received this beautiful package, with everything I would need to start my day right, including a personalised handle, set of blades, shaving gel, post shaving balm and facial scrub from Cornerstone I was excited to play around with it. Even though i’m not a huge fan of shaving, getting a new toy in the post definitely made me want to try it out.

I’m not one to boast about my skin being so smooth and soft after a shave, because it never usually is. There is always low level stubble left, which is extremely infuriating especially as that’s the last thing you want. After using Cornerstone’s razors, I was pleasantly surprised at how soft and stubble-free my face was. Result!


What makes Cornerstone so special though? I was sent the 5 blade set which definitely made a real difference compared to my usual 3 blade. As the heads of the blades are flexible, allowing the head to move with the contours of the face ensuring a close, clean shave every time. The 5 blade also minimises skin irritation with the help of the aloe vera strip that follows up as you shave to ensure your skin is constantly soothed.


The products contribute to giving the ultimate shave, so here are my 5 steps to having the ultimate shave:


  1. Wash your face with hot water, it opens up the pores and softens the facial hair making it easier for the razor to cut and give a comfortable, close shave.
  2. Gently exfoliate the area you wish to shave with the pre-shave scrub that removes any grease from the hairs and cleans out dirt from the open pores.
  3. Apply the sensitive shaving gel into the hairs and over the areas you want to shave.
  4. Pick up your Cornerstone handle and pop a blade on the end, taking it slow to begin with, run the razor in a downwards motion, cleaning the razor under hot water with every stroke.
  5. Wash off any remaining shave gel with cold water to close your pores and towel dry your face. Apply the post-shave balm to replenish the skin, moisturise the skin and keep irritation to a minimum.

Best of all, you get quality and luxury for a essential price. The initial order of the handle and 6 razor heads, the face scrub, shaving gel and post shave balm costs only £30. Each razor blade lasts around 5-7 uses each, which means the initial box will last for 6 weeks if you shave daily. Therefore, it barely costs anything or good quality razors and products.  The nice thing about the starter box is they even personalise your handle too, it doesn’t get any better!


Cornerstone offer a subscription service that allows you to get your razors sent out directly to your doorstep. Whether you want them to come every 6 weeks, 12 weeks, 18 weeks or even buy a set as a one off to try, that is entirely up to you.

I’m certainly a new fan of this up and coming company and once you try it for yourselves, i’m sure you will too. If everything you got in the starter kit wasn’t enough, they are even throwing in a £10 gift card for your next purchase. There is no excuse for you guys not to try it now!

Until next time…

My set was a gift from Cornerstone.