Sky Garden Venture & Lunching At The Folly

Firstly, I want to apologise for another long silence on the blog. I have very good reasons for my absence too. Moving into a new flat is never fun, but it has to be done and it’s a part of life so rather than moaning and groaning about it, the process is so much easier by just getting on with it. With a new flat comes a lack of broadband, the joys… however I have managed to gain internet access (thanks Jess!) for the mean time until my broadband gets installed… hooray!

Whilst I was flat hunting and eagerly wanting to get back to London, I missed a special day in my calendar… My best friend’s 21st birthday. Yes, I DID actually miss her birthday but again something that cannot be helped. Accepting it and moving on would make me a bad friend but reliving the day and celebrating it a few weeks later, that makes me the best friend that I am, right?
Lizzy and I both wanted to visit the Sky Garden for such a long time, so it only felt right to visit it to celebrate her birthday.


The Sky Garden is positively spectacular and a unique spot. The sort of place where you can easy get away from everything, have some time to yourself over a coffee (or cocktail!) and admire the view over London. Something that definitely makes you fall back in love with this beautiful concrete jungle.
I’m that embarrassing friend that literally watches their friend unbox their presents and I have to capture it on camera.
Skygarden celebrations
Skygarden celebrations
Skygarden celebrations
A Givenchy make-up bag, a 21 signed wine glass and keyring and a crystal earring and necklace set left Lizzy a very happy birthday girl!
Ready for some delicious food over at The Folly, only a stone throw away from the Sky Garden making it the perfect dining spot.
The Folly menus


Chicken at The Folly
Pie at The Folly
Lunch at The Folly
Think of a cute, quirky restaurant that serves the most exceptional quality food and drink at a fantastic, reasonable price – you have The Folly. It was my first ever visit and I can tell you it won’t be my last! Lizzy and I were so overjoyed and impressed with the service, food and the all round atmosphere.
I went for the chicken breast with spinach and wild mushrooms that was perched on a bed of creamy, well seasoned sauce. Guilt-free, filling and a 10 for taste. Lizzy was craving the Scottish lamb shepherds pie and raved on about it from start to finish. Happy diners!
Nothing like a bit of retail therapy to end off a lovely day… Oh it’s so good to be back in London.
Until next time…
The Folly
41 Gracechurch Street