Pony heritage

For a long time I have wanted to find out the heritage of my pony, after he came to us as a part-bred Welsh Sec A, I was convinced that he wasn’t a part bred but a full Welsh Sec A at heart. 
I tried to find things out on many occasions but never got a response good enough for me to carry out any further investigations or allow me to find out more about his family and where he originated from. 
With his passport showing full history of his Dam’s (mother) side but nothing on his Sire’s (father) side, I started my investigation.
I joined a Welsh Sec A ground on Facebook in hope that somebody out of the many members and breeders on there would know something about the parents of my pony. 
I had people telling me that it would be very difficult to track down a pony with a prefix that nobody had hear off but it didn’t demotivate me.
After a little while, I got a message from one of the members telling me that his in-laws owned ‘Putwell Stud’, which was the prefix of his Dam’s side. I was overjoyed and we instantly got in contact. I was then provided pictures of Blue’s grandmother who is still going at 17 years old. 
Putwell Pride N Glory (Blue’s Grandmother)
I had the address of where he was bred, so I contacted the Welsh Pony and Cob Society in hope to find out some contact details of Blue’s breeders.
I eventually got through via the phone and was informed that his brother was Blue’s breeder and took my number and said he would be in touch with me soon. 

The next morning, I got a text from Blue’s breeder asking what I wanted to know about the Blue’s sire? I had always hoped that there would be an off chance that Blue’s sire was in fact a registered licensed stallion but just had an incorrect name on his passport. Somebody was clearly listening to my prayers, as that’s what the case was! I also took the opportunity to ask for some pictures of Blue’s mum… to find out she had passed away last year due to colic at 13. 🙁

Putwell Primrose (Blue’s beautiful mum)
The breeder is going now going to contact the WPCS and find out what they have him registered as on their database and if all goes to plan, I can get Blue re-registered as a full Welsh Sec A pony and can enter higher level shows. 
It’s been such a exhausting 24 hours but I have never been happier with the outcome of it.

If you want something that bad, nothing should stop you going out and getting it.

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