6 Must Visit Places In Downtown Lisbon

I am the sort of traveller that loves to see the hidden gems of different cities around the world, especially those that aren’t really ‘touristy’. However, Lisbon was one of the cities where I was really keen to see the tourist sights, which is quite rare for me. Just like Paris, another place where all the monuments still get me super excited – even after 4 visits.

The majority of the sights I wanted to check out were located in downtown Lisbon, which made it relatively accessible and easy to find. Three of the main Miradouro’s (viewpoints) are also in the area, so it an ideal area to spend a day or two wandering leisurely. I am sharing my 6 favourite places in downtown Lisbon that you have to visit.

1. Rua Augusta Arch

Rua Augusta Arch, Downtown LisbonThe famous Rua Agusta Arch was built to commemorate the rebuild of Lisbon after the earthquake in 1755. It now remains a historical monument and a very beautiful place to take a memorable photo.

2. Castelo de São Jorge

Castelo de São Jorge, Downtown Lisbon

I loved visiting Castelo São Jorge. The castle itself has beautiful views across the city and a lot of history behind it. Grab a glass of wine and explore the history about the wonderful castle and Lisbon’s heritage.

3. Pink Street, Downtown Lisbon

Pink Street, Downtown Lisbon

If you’re into the quirky and pretty things that European cities have to offer, then I would recommend checking out the famous pink street. It spans all the way  under a bridge, with many cool little cafes and clubs along it. There is lovely gelato shop nearby called Gelato Davvero, be sure to make a pit stop there too.

4. Parque das Naçōes

Parque das Naçōes, Downtown LisbonParque das Naçōes is one of the newest parts of Lisbon with cable cars running across, new sky high hotels, botanical gardens and many palm trees – giving it a lovely LA feel. We also discovered another gelato place that is worth visiting called La Rúcula. It makes for the perfect chilled out afternoon strolling around in the sun.

5. Igreja de São Domingos

Igreja de São Domingos, Downtown Lisbon

We came across this beautiful monastery whilst we were wondering the streets of Lisbon. We popped in whilst their Sunday mass was being taking place. It was positively one of the most uplifting experiences, we even said a prayer and lit a candle there too. The monastery itself is open for the public to visit, but I would definitely go on Sunday for a more memorable experience.

6. Time Out Market

Time Out Market, Downtown Lisbon

The Time Out market (aka Mercado da Ribeira) is one for all you foodies. It’s filled with lots of food and drinks joints, serving up the very best they have to offer. There is even cooking demonstrations by famous chefs which are really fun to watch. We made a stop to get out of the heat and had a glass of delicious ice-cold sangria – so worth it!

Where are your must visits in downtown Lisbon?

Until next time…