Luxe Champagne Tour With Champagne Bureau

London has so many different bars, some are hidden away behind ordinary doors and others are in the back of members clubs. Standing in any part of London, there is most like a bar nearby… you just don’t know it. Each of those bars serves a long selection of different champagnes all from the champagne region of France. It was our mission to try many of the greatest brands of champagnes in different luxury bars of west end London for champagne day.

Now, before you join me on our champagne tour. There is some education to be given first, about the types of grapes that make different champagnes. You have Chardonnay (a white variety), Pinot Noir (a red variety) and Pinot Meunier (a relation to the red variety). Each of these grapes play a part in what the final blend of the champagne will be.

Chardonnay grapes gives a light and fresh blend, Pinot Noir is often the base of many champagnes, giving the champagne a good body and aroma. Pinot Meunier is often added to Pinot Noir champagnes to give it a stronger flavour and adds more floral and fruity notes.

Now you’re educated enough, let’s go!

Ruinart Champagne

We started in Oskar’s bar at Dabbous, which is a lovely basement bar with a really lovely old school vibe. Benches around tables and concrete flooring. A lovely spot to enjoy a glass of Ruinart Blanc De Blancs champagne. Blanc De Blanc is made out of 100% chardonnay grapes, giving it a really light, smooth and fresh finish with floral and fruity notes. Definitely my sort of champagne!

Francis Boulard Les MurgiersFrancis Boulard Les Murgiers

The second stop was at The Blind Pig, Social Eating House. We sampled a glass of Francis Boulard Les Murgiers, which is a Blanc de Noirs therefore has been made out of 100% red grape variety but it is a white champagne. we had a glass of Dom Perignon Vintage Brut. This one took everyone by surprise, as it was more a biscuity, smooth buttery taste. I would have loved this champagne with a sweet dessert after a heavy meal.

Dom Perignon BrutDom Perignon Brut

Hold up! I think we better get something to eat now. You must all be getting quite drunk reading this. It’s not quite Friday yet… 😉 We did stop for some delicious food at Milk & Honey, complete with another glass of champagne. Cheese burgers (the totally non-greasy type), padrón peppers and some crispy fries were so welcome at this point. Paired with our food, Dom Perignon Brut champagne had quite citrusy notes, with a minimal floral notes and a some light fruity notes.

 Perrier-Jouet Brut Perrier-Jouet Brut

At our fourth location, Experimental Cocktail Club in China Town, we indulged with a glass of Perrier Jouët. One of my favourite champagnes because it’s so crisp, fresh and citrusy with lemon and orange notes. Perrier Jouët is made from all three variety of grapes, to get this bold, light and fresh champagne. Yummy!

Our fifth and final location was in the World’s 50 Best Bars. With much anticipation, everyone was guessing what it could be. To my delight, it was at one of the most glorious hotel bars. Sitting at No.2 of the World’s 50 Best Bars, the American Bar at the Savoy.

The Savoy HotelBollinger La Grande Année

It was such a great way to end the night, especially with Bollinger La Grande Année, which is a Rosé champagne. Therefore, it’s mix of both white and red grape varieties. This Rosé champagne had berry tones with very soft spice like vanilla and cinnamon, which was lovely.

Which is your favourite champagne? 

Until next time…

All the champagnes we sampled were complimentary, on behalf of the champagne bureau.