Cocktails & Hearty Pies, Mr. Foggs Tavern

I have become too accustomed to being a man of leisure since finishing my exams, to the point of becoming a ‘man that lunches’. Not the business meeting, suited and booted sort but the fine dress code, good food and a couple of cocktails thrown into the mix type of lunch.

I was recently invited in to try the Mr. Foggs Tavern lunch menu, but I was no stranger to the Mr. Foggs group, as I went to the Mr. Foggs Residence back in January for cocktails with a bunch of my favourite bloggers. This got me excited for the cocktails that would be on offer along with their lunch menu, as I remember them to be extremely tasty and creative.

Mr. Foggs Tavern

Mr. Foggs Tavern is a small restaurant that sits on the corner of Covent Garden, a quirky yet beautiful spot that seems to be loved by many. Often enough said the smaller the restaurant, the better the service – in this case it deemed very true.

Once we were seated, Lottie and I had a quick look over the drinks and food menu before making our choices. I spotted the bartender making cocktails, so I scurried over and asked if I could grab some shots of him working his magic. Showing off his cocktail making skills, he put us together a Gertrude’s Gin Giddy for myself and a Fanny In Mead for Lottie.

Mr. Foggs Tavern Mr. Foggs TavernMr. Foggs TavernMr. Foggs Tavern

Now that’s what I call true bar-tendering skills, a little show off I say. 😉 “It’s really easy, I don’t have to think twice” he said. I can imagine the cocktail flying in all different directions if I even attempted to do something like that. They don’t call me a klutz for nothing…

Mr. Foggs Tavern

Bottoms up! Two deliciously strong cocktails presented ever so elegantly in ice-cold chalices. I’ve never had a cocktail that has question my soberness after just half a glass, definitely my kind of drink nonetheless!

Mr. Foggs Tavern

We both decided to share the beetroot, goat’s cheese and pine nut rarebit. I’m not normally a fan of goat’s cheese, but this starters was truly wonderful. The flavours complimented each other so well.

Mr. Foggs Tavern

I heard a lot about the pies on offer at Mr. Foggs, so it would have been a big mistake if we had visited without trying them. I ordered the fish pie, which was filled with salmon, cod and haddock mixed with leak and a creamy seasoned gravy. You can tell the pie was freshly made along with the ingredients inside, just like your grandmother would make pies on a cold winters Sunday.

Mr. Foggs Tavern

Lottie ordered the beef pie. A more drier pie, with crusty flaky pastry and shredded beef and bits of bacon inside. I’m more a gravy fan when it comes to pies, but luckily they gave us a side of gravy each so Lottie was able to pour some over her pie for some extra flavour and moisture.

Each of the pies came with buttered greens and a mash potato. We were also kindly brought over a portion of beef dripping roast potatoes. Oh my god, they were absolutely heavenly! Perfectly crisp on the outside with a soft inner. The beef dripping gave it some flavour but they tasted even better when dipped into the pot of gravy given on the side. Heaven!

Even though we were busting through our clothes, we were persuaded to have another cocktail and a bit of dessert. The dessert isn’t normally on the menu because it changes from day to day, but if you happen to go in, ask what’s on offer.

I decided to have a Fanny In Mead after trying Lottie’s – citrusy and fresh. A very lethal drink, because of the flavours mask the alcohol and you forget how much alcohol is inside it as you gulp it instead of slowly sipping it. Lottie tried the Mr. Foggs take on the classic bloody Mary which she fell in love with.

Mr. Foggs Tavern

The coconut and mango tart was on both of our minds as soon as the waiter told us about it. However, I was a little underwhelmed by it. There wasn’t much of a coconut taste, nor was there much moisture to the tart leaving quite a dry texture. The crust was a little burnt, causing it to be rock hard and inedible. It wasn’t my cup of tea, however I feel like it might have been to someone else’s taste though.

Overall, the meal was fantastic. Great service from friendly, bubbly staff along with great food and drink. We rolled out of Mr. Foggs feeling very full and quite tipsy – just how every lunch should be.

Until next time…

I was a guest at Mr. Foggs Tavern and our meals were complimentary.