Fathers Day Edit


Fathers Day is fast approaching in the UK, a holiday that is traditionally celebrated by going out of your way to show that extra appreciation to your father.

I personally love Fathers Day, especially now I live away from home, it is not easy to show the day to day appreciation for your beloved parent. All the long talks holding valuable advice, the unconditional love and little things they do without you asking even – they are are a few qualities my father posseses.

My father has always pushed me to thrive and be the best version of myself. If it wasn’t for my his logical mind or his educational ethic, I probably would have not got this far. I think he can finally rest that now that I have finished my degree, although he did try his luck to see if he could get me onto a masters programme.

Without a doubt, I appreciate my father every other day and not just on Father’s Day, so I use it as a day to thank him that little extra for all that he does for me and my siblings. My favourite way of thanking people are with great gifts. I know many people struggle to come up with gift ideas on Fathers Day, so I have put together a little gift guide on what I will be gifting my father this year. (I just hope he doesn’t look at my blog until then!)

Philips Aquatouch - Fathers Day

Shaving is an essential part of a mans everyday routine, especially for my dad who is clean shaven. I personally find it an absolute chore, especially as I normally wet shave with a razor. When I spotted this beautiful Philips AquaTouch shaver, I thought it would be the perfect gift. Automated shaving, what more can you want? Best of all, it gives the same effect as a wet shave because it can be used as a wet shaver with shaving foam or dry shave without any skin damage. That will certainly make him happy!

John Varvato’s Artisan Blue - Fathers Day

Cologne is one of my favourite gifts to give and receive. I think my love for cologne has definitely come from my dad. I used to always be rummaging through his extensive range, spraying myself until I choked before heading to school. Somethings just never change… This beautiful cologne called Artisan Blu by John Varvatos is a perfect example of a summer scent. Fresh, sweet and long lasting, not to mention the creatively designed bottle – it would make a perfect addition to any cologne lovers collection.

Silk Tie - Fathers Day

My dad tends to wear shirts and ties to work on a daily basis, so I thought I would treat him to something a bit more luxurious. Nothing makes a man feel more appreciated that a silk tie, or Italian suit/shoes. It is one of the more practical gifts, ensuring it will be well used and you can guarantee a smile on his face when colleague asks where he got this stunning tie from and he replies “It’s from my kids.”

That sums up my picks for this year. What have you all picked up or planning on buying for your wonderful role-model fathers? I would love to hear your ideas and maybe even use them next year! 😉

Until next time…

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