Lunch At Pacata

Eating out has become far too common lately, to a point where most of friends are questioning, do you even eat at home anymore? I do, I promise!

I wasn’t going to say no to a lunch in Pacata with Yusuf though. I’ve heard great things about Pacata but never been, so I was definitely up for going. 
Pacata expresses an Asian fusion theme through all their food… comfort food may I add. Perfect.
I must have spent a good 20 minutes trying to figure out what I wanted to even eat, it all looked so delicious.
Eventually coming to a decision, I decided to go for the Thai Curry Burger – interesting right?! Yusuf went for the Pasta with red curry sauce but replaced the prawns with grilled chicken.
Whilst we waited, I admired the ambience and the art on the walls. It really give it quirky and different feel but in a good way, a homely way.
The waiters and waitresses were so pleasant, regularly checking back and bringing us our food and drinks with a  huge smile of their faces. It’s like they had met a celebrity, but I was more than happy to oblige and be their celebrity for today. 😉
I completely fell in love with the jar glasses, I literally wanted to take one home with me. They were just so cute and quirky. My style. 

Let me tell you something. If you’re going to go for the burger, you need to go with an empty stomach. I can normally finish my meals, but the burger defeated me. The patty itself was so huge that it actually filled me up so much. I could only nibble at the chips before surrendering.
The burger as a whole was delicious, full of flavour and a nice touch having the Asian infusion curry sauce rather than the usual mayonnaise. I loved it!
As if I could love Pacata anymore, they just topped it off when the bill came. The bill got served inside a book. It completely sold me and left me with a grin. Pure excellence. 
4 New Row
Covent Garden