Long time, no blog.

It’s been a while since I last blogged (i’m sorry about that guys!), exams and life just seems to be getting all a bit much recently but i’ve found some time to update you on my life!

We are getting closer and closer to exams now, my nerves are increasing by the day and stress levels are flying through the roof BUT it will be all worth it at the end of the day… well I hope anyway!

Chemistry is such a pain in the bum, it’s so complex yet so easy which kind of screws with your brain. Biology is going well, but the keywords always seem to throw you in the answers. Silly AQA is all I can say!
On the other hand, IT is going fantastically… touch wood.

The end of sixth form is slowly creeping upon me, only eight school days left until I don’t have to see that place until my exams… then I can say i’m officially free from ‘school’ type education. It’s a scary time but it’s all so exciting too, it’s like starting a whole new life.

Weather hasn’t been too great sadly, which means Blue hasn’t been worked so much lately which isn’t what I wanted, only if I could control what weather the sky gave us! I guess global warming doesn’t help at all in the slightest!

If anyone who reads my blog is a Revenge fan like me, you’re in for a big treat when you get to the Season 2 finale, it’s truly mind blowing, quite twisted and definitely a lot of things you wouldn’t have expected. I’ve got to say it’s one of the best season finales i’ve seen in ANY series i’ve followed to date… that’s saying something!

I’d like to dedicate a small part of this post to my wonderful friends, who have stuck by me in my time of need. Who has motivated me in to working hard and having faith in me, when I was ready to give up on my A-levels. You’re always looking out for me and I love you all very much!
To name a few, but not all… Anna the most though she’s the bestest friend I could EVER ask for, Perry for the laughs and the confidence boosts, Lauren for always being a good friend to me and telling me how everything is, Jack for always being there and being my big brother as always and lastly Harry for being my prospective buddy for uni.

That’s all for now guys until my next post! 🙂