Stripping Impurities With Anthony Products

I’ve always wanted baby soft skin, all the time, all year round. However, being the victim of combination skin – I could never achieve it. Either my face gets too dry or too oily. The joys of having to use different products to balance out my skin’s oil production.

When I came across Anthony products, I was a little hesitant about it having good results, especially as it’s a range that is focused on men. I rarely use products marketed for men, because my skin isn’t like your average male’s skin. It’s more soft, delicate and sensitive (more like feminine skin).

People say you can’t knock something until you have tried it so I gave Anthony products a little test run. The result? Impressive! I was genuinely blown away. Never in my entire life have I been able to reach the point of baby soft skin until today with Anthony products.

Anthony Products

Each product is aimed at cleansing, removing impurities whilst still being gentle on the skin. Often it’s hard to do, but Anthony have released revolutionary products that needs to be known by everyone – even women!

They are more about what works, not what would be appealing ingredients to men. After all, we buy skincare to maintain good skin. Simple as that. To keep the majority of gents happy, Anthony products keeps a slightly masculine concept with the scents though, quite citrusy and fresh but not overpowering which equally appeals to women.

Anthony Products

The Glycolic Exfoliating and Resurfacing Wipes are excellent if you have had a long day at work or have woken up late and have minimal time to get your skin clean. It has a Glycolic Acid to remove grime by removing the outer and aloe vera and menthol to keep the skin calm and cool. The wipes are double sided, one with a textured side and the other is smooth. The textured size has the same effect a deep facial scrub working hand in hand with the Glycolic Acid. Slowly grating away at the skin, removing the dead skin cells. The smoother side has the soothing affect on the skin. After using a wipe, it works in the same way as a scrub/cleanser, so you would follow up with a moisturiser or night cream.

I feel the facial cleanser has the same effect as the wipes, but on an even more gentler level. Saying that, it doesn’t remove impurities any less effectively, because the Glycolyic Acid is still present. The cleanser has some extra added benefits for nourishment and protection, such as vitamin A, C, E, chamomile and calendula.

The moistuiser works in a way that most of my more female marketed moisturisers work – preventing wrinkles, smoothing out fine lines and lightens the skin. More over, keeps the skin hydrated, nourished and protected too. A big step up for men’s skincare, so i’m extremely impressed.

Using Anthony products literally leaves your face feeling baby soft, which is something that has never happened before. Therefore proving it really works and does the job.

Best of all, you won’t be breaking the bank whilst buying Anthony products either, making it accessible for everyone. You won’t be disappointed… I promise!

Until next time…

These Anthony products were gifted to me.