Friday Feeling At Pizza Pilgrims

Fridays are the best days, not quite the weekend but everyone is full of joy and high spirits flow through the air, along with lots of alcoholic spirits too. A perfect day to head out in the evening for a simple yet delicious meal. After hearing so much about Pizza Pilgrims and it being on my food bucket list for such a long time now, it was the perfect opportunity to visit and catch up with my best friend too – kill two birds in one stone. 
Heading into Soho with a great amount of warmth in the air, it set the scene for a perfect summer evening, even though we aren’t quite there yet. People gathered outside pubs, sipping on their wines and beers with lots of laughter being passed around friendship circles. Adding our names to the list to be seated, we joined the others that were waiting, with a drink. Sparkling wine for me and a lemon San Pellegrino for Anna. A long overdue catch up began, as exams prevented us for socialising or even leaving the house for that matter!
Cosy, simple and delicious are three words I would use to sum up the venue, food and overall experience. A limited menu, which worked perfectly. Sometimes you just need to dine out vegetarian style and have a break from consuming meat. However, carbohydrate filled Friday dinners are a must. 

Anna ordered the Aubergine Parmagiana which was a margherita topped with smoked aubergines, parmesan, baby plum tomatoes and garlic. 
Nothing took my fancy from the preset pizzas, so I ordered a margherita and added fresh chilli, garlic and black olives on stop. Perfection.
We ordered a side of garlic, rosemary and parmesan flat bread to share. It boasted a great amount of flavour and was a perfect addition to our pizzas. 
The pizzas were fantastic. Cooked in a real clay oven, you got the full flavour and Italian experience with every bite. Delizioso!!
The whole meal left us feeling so full, there was no room for desserts which is saying something from extreme dessert fanatics, although the looked and sounded divine. Ready for a peaceful evening walk to digest, whilst the night was still young. 
The service was brilliant, very attentive and the food came out at record time – throughly impressed. The only downfall would be how little of each topping was added, a little generosity would go a lot further in my books. However, I would most definitely return to Pizza Pilgrims for a casual, satisfying dinner.
Pizza Pilgrims
11 Dean Street

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Until next time…