Immersive Dining At The Chambers Of Flavour 3

When I moved to London, I had one thing in mind. To experience as many unique and fun moments as possible whilst I lived in this ever evolving capital. From the unique skyline views to the most amazing dining experiences. After all, this is why I created Fresh And Fearless in the first place. I wanted a place where I could share all these experiences with you all and one day i’ll look back at all these amazing, happy moments.

One of my first immersive dining experiences was last year. I had heard my friends muttering around Diner En Blanc and extended an invite for me to attend. I didn’t know much about it, I was just told to wear all white and bring some a dinner ‘course’. Little did I know that it was going to end up being the highlight of my twenty seventeen. If you haven’t checked out my post about it, you need to!

It was that time of year once again. The summer was approaching and I was feeling ready to kick things off with something fun, setting the vibe for the three months of balmy, light evenings to come. It spotted the Chambers of Flavour 3 on Emma’s Instagram and I knew exactly where I wanted to go next!

Chambers of Flavour 3 is run by Gingerline. If you haven’t heard of Gingerline before, why not? Especially if you love unique experiences and food, Gingerline will become your immersive dining go to. Warning: You may become a little addicted to their experiences, but I hold no responsibility for the introduction or the unfounded addiction. 

I popped out with my sister on Thursday to experience yet another fantastic, immersive dining experience. No information was relayed to me, apart from the fact I needed to wear an outfit that is based around one colour and I need bright coloured tall socks to go with it. I didn’t know where I needed to be that evening, just that I needed to leave enough time after work to get to a central London venue for 7:30pm.

All one colour outfit? Of course I raided through my wardrobe and found an array of staple black pieces to wear that evening. Bright coloured, tall socks? Hmmm, where will I get those? Oh! My riding boot socks! Little did I know that they would come in handy for something non-equestrian related.

Chambers of Flavour 3 - Gingerline

The day of the event, I received a text that directed me to a station on the East London overground with a series of different lefts, rights and street names that was supposed to lead me to the Chambers of Flavour 3 venue. My sister and I found ourselves making our way through building sites and meandering through side streets before we arrived! We spotted our destination by the black and yellow door that we had to look out for.

Chambers of Flavour 3 - Gingerline

We were greeted by army marshals that lead us through to the bar area, where we were provided with a refreshment of ginger beer, before we were given a quick low down on what was going to happen that evening.

Chambers of Flavour 3 - Gingerline

We pre-ordered our drinks at the bar, they recommend three portions each. We did exactly that and it was the perfect amount for our two hour experience. There is an option to order cocktails, mocktails, beers, bubbles and wine too. We went for a selection of the mocktails that evening, which were divine. Each of them tasted like sweets I grew up eating, which was marvellous.

I couldn’t take any pictures during the actual experience, but it was the most surreal and exhilarating experience. Sitting in a restaurant eating dinner with dim lighting and a candle will become a thing of the past. This is how you do a dining experience, in my opinion. It completely opened my eyes to something completely innovative, that everyone needs to try.

Chambers of Flavour 3 - Gingerline

You have to be willing to slide, crawl and climb through the Chambers of Flavour experience, but that’s all you need to know. With that and your love for delicious, flavoursome food, tickling all your tastebuds, you will have the most surreal experience. I could tell you more, but what would be the fun in that? Go and try it for yourself and report back, cadets!

Are you ready to take on the Chambers of Flavour experience?

Until next time…

We were guests at the Chambers of Flavour and our experience was complimentary.