My Top 5 Destination Hotlist For France

France is one of those countries that keeps you coming back for more. Each part of France has its own unique side to it, going from the French Riviera where everything is about sun, fun and luxury. Moving right through to the quieter parts of France where those that loves bubbles go for a dreamy long weekend away in Champagne, exploring various vineyards and having some well deserved time to relax. I am sharing my five destinations in France that are high up on my bucket list to visit. Pass me the sun tan lotion, shades and shorts… i’ll see you in a few weeks!

1. French Riviera

Destinations to visit in France
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The French coast has everything you could possibly need for a luxurious time away. It’s a playground for those that love the glitz and the glamour, something that always appeals to me about a destination. I could definitely see myself renting a house in France, right by the water, soaking up sun poolside, tunes pumping, a glass of champagne in one hand whilst overlooking the gorgeous glistening blue sea. Doesn’t that sound dreamy?! Get me on a plane, stat!

2. Marseille

Destinations to visit in France
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Marseille is known to be one of Europe’s oldest cities, which for mean translates to a city with culture and charm. Boasting an idyllic climate, Roman ruins and some of the most gorgeous architecture, what’s not to love?! The core of Marseille is the port, which makes for the perfect nautical experience of France. For those that prefer to admire boats from a far, there are plenty of shops and cafes to sit and bask under the sun with a gorgeous view of the port too. Sign me up!

3. Champagne

Destinations to visit in France
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Champagne has been on my hit list for the longest time. There is nothing more appealing that getting away from the hustle and bustle of London and escaping to the quieter parts of France. Picking a gorgeous hotel that over looks miles and miles of green vineyards and time spending the day hopping from vineyard to vineyard tasting various bottles of champagne. Doesn’t that just sound like the most idillic scenario? That’s definitely why Champagne made the list!

4. Bordeaux

Destinations to visit in France
Credits: A World of Food and Drink

The fact that Bordeaux was built on a the River Garonne is exceptional enough, but moreover, it is filled with gorgeous architecture, premium art and tonnes of culture. The city centre has more than 300 structures and landmarks, including various churches and charming bridges – which is incredible! However, I couldn’t come all the way to Bordeaux and not stay in a picturesque chateau or taking a trip through the surrounding wineries. Along with a fantastic bottles of wine, comes the delectable cuisine that is paired with it. Add in a fiery-red sunset and you could never get me to leave Bordeaux.

5. Lyon

Destinations to visit in France
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I definitely have a major love for capital cities, which is partially why Lyon made the cut. Along with its extensive history, it’s known to be one of the largest cities in France today. It’s filled with culinary delights, gorgeous architecture and a real vibrance. I can never turn down a colourful destination, i’m all about travelling colourfully! Lyon is also unique in the sense that it has various districts, where each has its own hidden gems. Apparently Presqu’île is known to have a large number of fantastic restaurants and bars, where it contrary,  Croix-Rousse is an area for the adventurer in me, meandering through many little alleyways. Roman ruins and gothic style churches are definitely up my street too, which can be found in Fourvière. It’s like Lyon has mini cities within the capital – so awesome!

Where would you like to visit in France?

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