Let’s Talk Health, Fresh & Fearless Style!

Most of us are guilty to putting our health second to a lot of things. Whether it be you’re infected with the flu but you can’t miss your best friends party, or undergoing vast amounts of stress at work and forgetting to take some time out and rest. I think we have all been victims of the latter especially in deadline periods. However, all the above seems far more important at the time, until it’s too late.

There is nothing to be ashamed of then it comes to talking about health. People often find it is a taboo topic to over share things between friends, family or even partners. However, by sharing we half the burden and worry we have deep within and we’re also educating others in common, natural health matters. Simple.

Health Tips - Canesten

A natural part of what we do to keep healthy can often in turn cause other minor health problems to occur too. I know, I know, the body works in unusual ways, especially as having an active lifestyle is supposed to reduce the amount of health problems that occur in the body. Being active definitely reduces major health problems that would cause you to make that trip to the doctor. Those ‘as a result’ health problems are simple and often dealt with a cream or ointment.

Health Tips - Canesten

For those that are active runners or gym goers will often find that thrush is a common ailment that occurs and it’s completely natural too. Whilst you’re active the natural balance of flora is often disturbed which provides the perfect survival and reproduction conditions for a fungi called Candida Albicans, here comes my inner Biochemistry knowledgeI bet you’re all thinking how does the fungi get onto your skin in the first place? Well, the funny thing is it naturally exists of everyone skin, including the healthiest of us. We only know about the fungi present when fast-pace multiplication takes place and actually leads to a minor infection. Worry not my friends, it’s nothing to be concerned about – or nothing a simple cream cannot fix!

Now, thrush in men is just as common as it is in women but women are more likely to talk about it to their friends, than guys are.  Ladies and gents, let’s drop this whole ‘taboo’ attitude in talking about health, after all we live in the twenty first century. People are open about things that should be kept under wraps and not about things that should be openly spoken about. I mean, if I could help a friend out with a simple bit of health advice that would stop them spiralling into an excessive about of worry and upset, I totally would!

Health Tips - Canesten

Here are my 6 health-savvy, for everyone:

  • Eat healthily and drink lots of water, at least 85% of the time. We’re all allowed to have a few non-healthy food and drink from time to time. Everyone needs a treat day!
  • Exercise regularly. You don’t need a personal trainer or have to go to the gym everyday. Just stay active, even a jog in the park will do!
  • Avoid stress, if possible. I know it’s hard to not get stressed about even the smallest of things, but take part in activities you enjoy to reduce any stress arising.
  • Look after your skin. That does mean showering and exfoliating your skin, face and body regularly – especially after exercise.
  • Develop a positive mindset. Surround yourself with people that keep you on track with your goals and those that make you happy. It’s time to block out the negativity!
  • Talk to your friends, family and partner about your health problems, it’s okay to share.

Stay healthy, ladies and gents!

Until next time…

This post has been sponsored by Canesten, but all thoughts are my own.