Day 2: Something I Feel Strongly About

We have arrived to day 2 of the 30 day blog challenge. Today’s post is about something that I feel very strongly about. Something that has been around for many years and is sometimes still an issue in many cases. Everyone has their own rights and society should respect what each individual choses to do. 

You have have probably guessed from the short introduction, I feel very strongly about equality in today’s society. I feel that people are too quick to judge people on what they look like, how they act  and the opinions and views each individual has.  As we all know, racism was a big thing of the past where people of a darker race were not allowed to mix with those of a lighter race. I feel that there is no place for people in this world that even thing it is right to discriminate against those that look different. How boring would Earth be if everyone looked the same? It would mean for this to occur there would have to be some sort of close relationships as the gene pool would need to be very small for everyone to look that similar. 

I witnessed something that I never thought I would ever see whilst living in London, especially as it is the most multi-cultural capital city where there are tourists from all over the world visiting and where many different types of people work and live. There were two young teenagers with Welsh accents asking two innocent Chinese ladies upsetting things such as “Can I have egg fried rice and black bean sauce?” whilst mimicking their accent. The girls did not even know what to reply, they were gobsmacked and they could not understand English that well, but they certainly knew that the boys were trying to get at. I felt physically sick, firstly because I was in no position to be able to help the two poor ladies – all they could do was ignore them. 

Another point of witness was when I saw a man kiss his boyfriend as he came off the train and an old man had the nerve to tut at them in disgust. I am sorry, but we aren’t living in the 18th century anymore. He wasn’t kissing the old man was he? So why did he feel that he had an opinion about what others did around him because quite frankly it was none of his business. I would love to see this old man again but this time if he were kissing his wife and I walked past tutting at him, how would he feel? If a man and a man kiss, a woman and another woman or a man and a woman – they are all the same and all human at the end of the day. 

My last final witness was going out on Friday with my flat mate, she wore something sightly but appropriate for the ocassion and she chose to wear them for valentines day. Some of the dirty looks people gave her thought were quite disgusting. I just sat on the tube watching one girl literally look her up and down and give her a such a horrible stare, I was so close to saying something – but I didn’t want to make a scene in a public place. There is absolutely no need for it and basically judging somebody without knowing them based on how they look – it is wrong on so many levels.

Another thing that I feel very strongly about is religion and people’s beliefs. If you see a woman wearing a burque, never question why she wears it, just appreciate the fact that she is that devoted to her religion that she is willing to cover her head out of respect. People around her should respect her and not look at her in any unkind way. For she is way better off than those who are not committed to a religion because on the day of judgement, she will be served rightly and those around her that have judged her will be in debt with sin and will therefore pay the price.

I seem to have written a ‘ranty’ essay rather than a blog post but the title for today was something I feel strongly about – so I thought I would get my point across in a detailed manner.

Remember, when you see somebody doing something that you do not necessarily agree with, turn your head and don’t look but always give them the benefit of the doubt because you don’t know their story. You may judge somebody for something and not think it matters, but you will only see how much it really feels when it happens to YOU.

I am going to leave you with a simple quote to just reflect on:

“We will never have true civilisation until we have learned to recognise the rights of others.” – Will Rodgers

Thanks for reading,

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