Day 17: Something I’m Proud Of

I was thinking long and hard about this post, I did not know whether to put an equine twist on this post and dedicate it to my horse, Blue? Then I thought, I had spoken a lot about his story on previous posts, so I thought it was time to dedicate a post to the best parents in the world.

It is easily done but it saddens me that I allow it to happen, you forget what your parents do for you and the lengths they will go for you. My parents, go by the names of Mohamed and Rehana Pathan. The two best parents you will ever meet and I say that with all my heart and soul. 

Having been there for me and my sister all our lives and I think they have done a brilliant job bringing us up too, not to sound big headed and all. We were not the easiest of kids, I was quite a handful at dinner time where my mum had to sit there and feed me until I had eaten all my food. Putting up with me and my sister arguing about the littlest things and blowing their brains out, but still loving us eternally and equally. 

My parents always ensured that we practised our faith and brought us up to be religious children. I know for a fact, that we are in their prayers every night, so matter what we do or say – they always have our best interest at heart. 

Being supportive in what we enjoy doing, my sister has succeeded in becoming a professional Bollywood dancer alongside her career choice in Pharmacy and I have become the equestrian I am today alongside with my career choice of being a Biochemist. I hope my parents are proud of us, because without them we would not have gotten this far. 

Let’s break it down to individual parents now:

My mum, Rehana: She is one of a kind, she is a spectacular woman with many hidden talents. She has the ability to do anything, like they say “If mum’s cannot do it, there is no hope!” and I definitely think that is true in my mum’s case. Along side her talents, she such a beautiful, elegant and poised lady, who is loved my many and envied by a lot more. She always knows what to say, whether I am upset, happy, sad or just confused. My mum has helped me along many of the obstacles in my life and never has she spoken bad of me because of it, she has always held her head high and supported me. I honestly do not know what I would do without her, she is my world, my life, my everything. A very special woman who I love very much. I am so proud of you mum!

My dad, Mohamed: He is the most mellow and kind hearted man I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He is the heart and soul of our household, as they say “the man of the house” and he is exactly that. Such a dashing man, who doesn’t look his age, forever looking young who is always smiling (just like me!) My dad is another person who has been there for me on many of my life journey’s and I am so glad he was too. My dad has a tendency to spoil us and always wants us to be happy, which has meant we have been extra lucky and always had the best there is. I appreciate it more than anything in the world. I do not know what I would do without my dad either, he is definitely a role model for me to follow and a spectacular man who I love dearly. I am so proud of you dad!

Just from reading this post, you are only getting about 10% of how amazing they really are. They are truly amazing and I cannot even express it in words. No matter how much I say it, it will never be enough because they deserve a universe full of love and affection. 

I can honestly stand up and say that I very proud to be the son of Rehana and Mohamed Pathan.

Thanks for reading,

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