Confessions Of A Food Blogger

Okay, okay… I admit it. I love taking pictures of my food! I am guilty of it and I am sorry to the people of Instagram and people who read my food blog posts, I didn’t meant to make you jealous. Food is too good not to share though, I would think I am being selfish not sharing pictures of beautiful shellfish. 
It is hard being a food blogger, I will admit. You have be to be very critical about the tastes that hit the palette of your mouth, the presentation of food, the service and most of all… what you eat.
I am a fanatic when it comes to the fat, carbohydrate and protein content of food. When you’re working your way to your ideal body, what you eat makes the biggest difference. 
You get called things such as a ‘food snob’ or ‘food critique’, I am neither of those. I go by a simple rules, if it tastes good I will say so and likewise if it is bad. If the food is not great, I simply will not go back again, this is not being a ‘food snob’ just because I feel differently to others around me. Where I never feel obliged to give a opinion other than what is my own.
The looks and the reactions you get when you take your camera or phone out and insist of snapping everything from the menu to the desserts. 
I have seen you people staring at me with that look of judgement, thinking “he is being extremely rude”. The truth is, most people are far to quick to judge. If they really knew the reason for having my photo-taking devices out at lunch/dinner, they would probably be supportive and less critical. 
The “Are you done taking photos, so we can start eating?” questions that come from your family. I love the fact that they support what I do, but they do get a little impatient. I can’t blame them though especially when there is aromatic delicious food staring them in the face. For me though, it is important about getting some realistic and good shots of it all before digging in and exploring the range of flavours that the food holds.
It costs a hell of a lot. Especially, when you want to try those fancy posh places in the corner of Mayfair or Knightsbridge. Being a student it does not really help having such expensive taste in everything, but if you want it that badly, you can easily swing some roundabouts.

I get an extreme joy out of food blogging because not only do I get to indulge in delicious food but I also get to share it with you all. Especially, when you lot want to try a place I have reviewed. I get a heart warming feeling when my opinions are valued.

Whether you are a food blogger or not, support the people around you who do it. Be courteous, don’t stare and just keep all opinions to yourself as people have put their hard earned money and time to write and share these honest reviews with you.