Celebrating Birthdays At The Reopened Kettner’s Townhouse

I remember the last time I visited Kettner’s was a couple of years ago, just before it closed down. It was a major loss to Soho, especially as many people shared such eventful evenings with their friends getting merry of a couple of cocktails or local workers dining in their restaurant for a decent lunchtime meal. However, it is with great pleasure to announce that Kettner’s has come back, better than ever thanks to the wonderful Soho House group and is now named Kettner’s Townhouse, joining its Soho sister, Dean Street Townhouse.

I popped in to Kettner’s Townhouse three weeks after it reopened to celebrate a birthday of a very special friend, Shikha. Shikha and I got acquainted through blogging over a few years ago and it has just formed into the perfect friendship. Proof that social media and the internet can bring together like minded people aka travel addicts. Kettner’s Townhouse just felt like the right fit, especially as the interiors are as elegant and pretty as Shikha is as a person.

Shikha, Emma and I all popped in to kick off our Monday in style. I couldn’t think of a better way to start a new day and a new week.

Kettner's TownhouseKettner's Townhouse

We settled down at our table, studying the menu and taking in the beauty of the surrounding interiors. It definitely has the Soho House mark in the way it is styled.

We studied the menu over a round of coffees, I went for a much loved milky latte, as did Shikha. Across the table, Emma went for a flat white.

I loved the ever so pretty marbled tables, deep red wine coloured plush booth seating, but even more so the original Kettner’s branding. It’s great to see the legacy of 149 years still being carried through to the new and improved townhouse.

Kettner's Townhouse

There was so many tasty options to choose from, the three of us kept going back and forth between ideas of what we should order. Should we have some of the fresh viennoiserie, one of the blueberry muffins, Eggs Benedict or avocado on toast?!

Kettner's TownhouseKettner's Townhouse

After mulling over different options we decided, but not before ordering another round of drinks. I was feeling rather parched, so I ordered freshly squeezed orange juice as a part of these fresh juice selection, Shikha ordered a one of their bottled shakes. The ‘matcha’ had matcha tea, pistachios, cashew, vanilla, coconut oil, dates and Himalayan salt. If that isn’t enough to kickstart your day, then I don’t know what is. Emma followed up with a second round of coffee, keeping her nicely caffeinated.

It wasn’t long before our breakfast dishes had arrived. Shikha went for the berries & buckwheat granola which was served with coconut yoghurt. Totally exotic!

Kettner's Townhouse

Emma ordered a classic, the Eggs Royale that had a good lashing of hollandaise sauce on. When Emma cut into the poached eggs, they were fire orange coloured yolks running out over the muffins and onto her plate. I haven’t seen eggs that had such rich yolks since I tried a couple of Heritage eggs. It is great to see that Kettner’s Townhouse only serves the best to their guests.

Kettner's Townhouse

Whilst I was envious of Emma’s eggs, as I recently discovered I am now in tolerant to eggs and wheat but it was great to see that they were so accommodating to serving everyone’s needs. I went for the almond butter toast served on  gluten free bread with banana, blueberries and flax seed.

The team at Kettner’s Townhouse had also found out that we had a birthday girl dining with us, so they added a lovely birthday message and candle to one of the extra dishes we ordered.

Kettner's TownhouseKettner's Townhouse

Safe to say we had embarrassed Shikha to the max, but there is nothing like having an extra candle to blow out. Make a wish, S!

After all the birthday theatrics, we were almost ready to settle down to eat… almost. As bloggers we had to have a photoshoot with our food first.

Kettner's TownhouseKettner's Townhouse

Photoshoot over, phones and cameras away, we settled down into a long 3 hour over due catch up whilst we indulged in a wonderful celebratory birthday breakfast.

We had such a good time at Kettner’s Townhouse. The food was amazing, the service was attentive and the atmosphere was peaceful, which made for the perfect catch up spot. I’m definitely looking forward to revisiting and trying out the other menus in the near future.

Until next time…