Globetrotters Visit Soho House’s Fox Bar

Soho House definitely upholds a name for itself. Known to be a members only club, with the luxurious home comforts around the city of London, across Europe and North America.

Not only do they offer the most exquisite houses, if you’re just getting together with friends over drinks and food, but they have a great array of accommodation too. The main one that gets a lot of buzz now a days is Soho House’s Farm House. One of my close friends Angie recently visited and she absolutely loved it. I definitely want to visit one day! Angie is also the person who introduced me to the concept of Soho House. When her friend was in London for the weekend, we all pottered off into Soho House 40 Greek Street and caught up over a couple of champagne bottles.

Recently, Soho House added another bar to their array of bars, restaurants and entertainment facilities. Fox Bar in Brixton opened at the end of October and has been going strong for six weeks so far. When I was invited to try out Brixton’s newest hot spot, I invited Maggie from Planes and Champagne along for a much overdue catch up.

Entering the doors of Fox Bar, you’re greeted with the sign of ‘Chicken + Burgers, Beers, Cocktails’ pointing to the staircase down below. As we wandered on down, we were welcomed by a lovely, well spoken Australian bartender Daniel. Making us feel right at home, we settled down in one of the booths in the bar.

Soho House - Fox BarSoho House - Fox Bar

We kicked things off with ‘Nitro Martini’ (which are served on tap, by the way) for myself. It is made from Finlandia vodka, nitro coffee and Kahlúa which is a Mexican coffee based sugar syrup. It is what gave the cocktail the sweetness and the vodka gave it a good alcoholic kick. Maggie had the ‘Banana Penicillin’, which was made with banana infused Bacardi Oro, ginger, lemon, honey and peat. The honey masked the alcohol taste and gave it a nice sweetness, whilst the lemon gave the cocktail a nice tang followed by a lovely throat warming sensation from the ginger.

Soho House - Fox BarSoho House - Fox Bar

For round two, I had the ‘Paloma’ which was made with Centenario Reposado tequila, agave nectar, grapefruit, lime and pellegrino to add a little bit of fizz. It was one of my favourite drinks of the night, as it was extremely fresh and tart at the same time. Especially as I love grapefruit, it had a lovely infusion from the fruit itself. Maggie had the ‘Walk Around Money’ which was made with Del Maguey Vida mezcal, which gave it the drink a smokey taste, Cherry Heering liquier, lime and prosecco. A light cocktail that is perfect for sipping. However, Maggie and I both agreed it would have tasted better without the smoked mezcal.

Soho House - Fox BarSoho House - Fox Bar

Last up, I had a ‘Southside Collins’ which was Kaffir infused Bombay Sapphire gin, mint, cucumber, lime and house coconut soda. I absolutely fell in love with this cocktail. A drink that should definitely be sipped on the beach with golden sand and clear blue seas in a tropical climate. It was just wonderful! Maggie ordered the ‘Rattlesnake’ which was made with Rittenhouse whiskey, lemon, sugar, egg white and absinthe. It was her favourite of the night and I could definitely see why.

We both had such a fun Friday night at Fox Bar, thanks to Soho House and Daniel for looking after us so well. Especially as we weren’t allowed to leave until we had a negroni style shot with him, which was surprisingly good!

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We were guests of Soho House's Fox Bar and our drinks were complimentary.