Bloggers Do Tea At Lancaster London

Lights, camera, action. Walking down a red carpet in a four star hotel, the paparazzi caught a glimpse of us entering and insisted on taking pictures. Snap, snap, snap. “Perfect!” The photographer exclaimed whilst we stood and posed for the camera. 
Definitely not my average Sunday afternoon in London, I felt like royalty for a day, whilst attending the London Bloggers Tea event.
Afternoon sir, Champagne? You don’t have to ask me twice! I never turn down a good glass of champagne… especially not Laurent-Perrier champagne. 
Kelly and I walked side by side, before being greeted by the beautiful Sunny in London, a blogger that I am completely in awe of. 
She encouraged us to enter and see the beautiful masterpiece that Chef Ben and herself had prepared for us. I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

The Christmas decorations just made it feel so festive. The tree was beautifully decorated and it held some blogger goody bags underneath – Christmas had come early!
As we mingled, we got a insight as to what we would be having for our tea later on. We braced our stomachs for full blown sweet treats, how could we not be completely excited at this point?!
Have you seen such a picturesque afternoon tea before? That view was to die for too. Hyde Park is so beautiful with a gleam of sun overhead.
Festive afternoon tea at its best, absolutely beautiful. Definitely felt like celebrity!
Come… join me some a glass of bubbles and cakes. Yummy!
We were lucky enough to have a talk from a Laurent-Perrier representative who explained about the best food combinations to drink with certain champagnes. 
Safe to say, the rosé champagne and strawberries were a perfect combination. 
We also got a chance to get close and and personal with some delicious smelling tea leaves, heavenly.
We were then guided to our seats, for the real fun to begin…
The first stage was the sandwiches and savouries. Chicken and wild mushroom tartlets, cucumber sandwiches, egg and cress sandwiches, smoked salmon sandwiches and finally a roast beef yorkshire puddings.
I’m not a fan of raw salmon, I had a bite but I just couldn’t do it. From what I heard from the other bloggers around me, they liked it though. Curse me being so anti-seafood! 
The next stage was the scones. “Let’s get sconed!” quoted by Chef Ben. We did exactly that!
We were served three different types of scone – plain, raisin and Christmas pudding (made by Ben, especially for us before releasing it to the public!) 
With the scones, there was Cornish clotted cream, Lancaster London’s special marmalade and homemade strawberry jam – delicious. 
The Christmas pudding scone was my favourite, it tasted marvellously festive!
Enjoying those scones Catherine? 😉
Kelly very elegantly showing off the divine scones we got served! Very chic. 
The scones got demolished, without a single crumb as evidence. Us bloggers are good at doing that!
We were ready for the final stage, the sweet little treats…
Together we cheered and clinked our cake pops together, here is to a fabulously hosted London Bloggers Tea!
I was so happy to finally meet some of my favourite bloggers. Left to right, Melanie from Sunny in London, Kelly from Flat Eleven, Catherine from Lux Life and of course… Moi!
Thank you to Melanie, Chef Ben and all the waiting staff at Lancaster London for organising it, making the whole event run smoothly and having us. It was definitely an event to remember!