Uncovering The Hidden Gem Of Cowdray Estate

I recently visited the hidden gem of Cowdray Estate in Midhurst, just a mere 1 hour away by train. Leaving the hustle and bustle of the city behind and entering an area of luscious green fields and old fashioned houses is the extremely comforting for a once country boy. The estate spans out over 16,500 acres across Midhurst, from covering many villages to diary farms, it is all part of the estate. Many of the homes can be distinguished by their mustard yellow windows, which is Cowdray’s signature colour.

The estate is also made up of many different buildings, such as Cowdray House, Polo Club, Farm Shop & Cafe, Golf Course and the heritage site too.

Cowdray House is the perfect location for a wedding, a blogger retreat or a big group of people wanting sole use of the house. Let me tell you something, the interiors and house itself is so dreamy. I found myself vowing that I would gather a massive group of bloggers and do something at Cowdray, just so I could stay there.

I mean, if it’s good enough for the Qatari royal family, it’s good enough for me!

Cowdray Estate

Grab a glass of champagne and let’s go on a tour of the house. Shall we?

Cowdray House

The living area of the house was gorgeous, the perfect area for those to gather around within elegant interiors, with the ‘garden’ doors open, which backs onto a luscious long garden with an outdoor pool too.

Cowdray House

The Library room is the perfect spot to have a nice strong latte whilst catching up over your favourite book. I mean, I can’t think of a better quiet place to read.

Cowdray House

Or how about gathering in the sitting room with blankets, hot chocolates and watching a movie on the large flat screen tv? Tempted?

Cowdray House

Lunching in the dining room with ice-cold white wine to wash it down before a quick dip in the outdoor pool? Yes please!

Cowdray HouseCowdray House

Doesn’t that sounds like an ideal summer afternoon? Although, with the unpredictable weather conditions in England, you can still have your swim in the indoor pool instead. Cowdray House has everything you could possibly need.

Cowdray House

After a nice long lunch and a dip in the pool, why not put your best threads on and head down to the Cowdray Polo Club for a spot of afternoon polo and champagne?

Cowdray Polo Club Cowdray Polo Club Cowdray Polo Club Cowdray Polo Club

I had the pleasure of watching two local teams around Midhurst play one another for the Carlos Gracida Memorial Cup that was sponsored by Jaeger-LeCoultre out on the The Lawns Polo Grounds. It was such a gripping match where many of us clenched onto each others hands in angst. Who was going to score next?! I remember when I last watched polo at Cirencester Polo Club, I even had a go at playing and it’s definitely not as easy as they make it look – even for an equestrian like myself!

The heritage site is also nearby the polo grounds, so it makes for the perfect opportunity to go and have a peak inside.

Cowdray Heritage Cowdray Heritage

This was the old Tudor style kitchen that fed up to 200 people, one of the few parts of the site that still remains in tact.

After a busy day, retiring back to Cowdray House into of the beautiful and individual rooms, would be a perfect way to end the day.

Cowdray HouseCowdray House

There is a high chance you won’t want to leave that bed in the morning especially after having a warm soak in the gorgeous mosaic sunken bath.

I’m getting my bags ready, i’m moving into Cowdray House. I could enjoy a leisurely life living in the house, having my fix of horses at the Polo Club and doing my food shop at the local farm shop before stopping for a coffee fix at the cafe. Perfect!

Until next time…

We were guests at Cowdray House and our full experience was complimentary.