Travel Essentials: Arran Lochranza Wash Bag

When I’m on the move, I always like to try an array of new toiletries and skincare products, especially when travelling long haul. I’m a fiend for products with fresh, striking scents, and luxurious textures that make it worth the price tag. I often find some scents can take you on a real journey, often back to the brand’s origin or source of ingredients.  When I recently discovered ARRAN, I found their products gave me a “True sense of Scotland”, as the brand slogan reflects. All the products are inspired by the Isle of Arran, and its rolling hills, tranquil Highland landscapes covered with windswept heather and rich, beautiful herbs and spices that are native to Scotland. ARRAN’S love for sensational fragrance inspired products, with the power to captivate and seduce you through your own imagination, capturing you at the heart of every product they make. Best of all, the silky fresh waters of Scotland’s springs find their way into each of the products too. Truly remarkable.

ARRAN recently released their new men’s wash bag, the Lochranza range, and that’s what brought me to discover the ARRAN brand in the first place. The ever-growing curiosity to find something new and innovative for my travels. Beyond its very affordable price tag for such luxurious, carefully curated products, each made with high-quality ingredients, it was the Lochranza scent that had me smitten. The uplifting scent, filled with citrus, woody and spicy notes, with peaks of soft cedarwood, and velvety warm spices such as bay leaves and anise — each of those notes come through each of the Lochranza range.

Arran Lochranza Wash Bag

Within the perfectly packaged durable cotton canvas wash bag, which is also water-resistant, you will find a full-size bath shower gel, tinned soap, shaving gel and post-shave balm — all the essentials a man needs when travelling. And it will take you back to the products Scottish roots with every use, no matter where in the world you are.

Arran Lochranza Range

The Lochranza Shower Gel is one of my personal favourites out of the range. It’s a refreshing product made with musky citrus notes, making shower or bath times more luxurious. The scents offer a natural calming agent that encourage you to slow down and enjoy the luxe experience. Its dual-use gives it added benefits, as there aren’t many bath gels that offer a more masculine fragrance, which is a real winner for me. Especially as I often have baths instead of showers when travelling in order to relax and unwind. Above all, the gel contains pro-vitamin B5, which promotes skin enhancement.

Lochranza Tinned Soap

I absolutely love the fact the Lochranza men’s wash bag comes with tinned soap, in addition to the shower gel, as I find it has its own additional uses for the skin. Especially the Lochranza tinned soap, which has the addition of triple-milled rich oatmeal, effectively cleansing and exfoliating the skin, and mixed with a vegetable oil base it gives better moisturising capabilities. Also, I have a whole other love for bar soaps, especially when it comes to shaving. My dad shared a tip with me when I was young and it has stuck with me ever since. He always told me to wash my beard with a bar of soap, as it has the ingredients that softens facial hair, ensuring a smoother, closer shave with less irritability. The notes of cedar and warming spices such as bay leaves make it the perfect complement to any shower or shave routine.

Lochranza Shave Gel and Shave Balm

The Lochranza Shaving Gel softens the bristles even further to promote a clean shave but also has low foaming action which helps to get precise, shave, especially if you’re fond of straight-edged beard lines like me. The moisturising capabilities of the gel and promoted by pro-vitamin B and aloe vera, which is a gentle soothing agent and added essential oils such as tea tree and peppermint, providing a cooling effect and anti-bacterial defence when shaving.

The Lochranza After Shave Balm provides the perfect finish to a shaving routine, with fresh scents and its moisturising capabilities, packed with aloe vera and vitamin E to soothe, nourish and condition the skin overall. I also love the non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula which is often hard to find. And it is finished off with the classic Lochranza scent, truly perfecting the balm.

All in all, I personally feel the Lochranza men’s wash bag by ARRAN is a phenomenal addition, and the capabilities of each product are second to none. I think it’s a very innovative range for the modern gentleman. And I’m excited to take my wash bag along on my travels, replacing each product with a new one as and when they finish.

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This post is sponsored by Arran.